7 Powerful LinkedIn Tips To Build An Incredible Profile

7 Powerful LinkedIn Tips To Build An Incredible Profile

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Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If you’re like most people who created a LinkedIn profile a few years ago but barely ever use them. Let me tell you that you are losing many jobs and business opportunities. LinkedIn has more than 800 million users in more than 200+ countries and territories worldwide. Now you can get my point. With a giant number of users, imagine what kind of reach you will get. LinkedIn provides you with quality leads and organic leads just by optimizing your profile and you can’t afford to take your LinkedIn profile seriously. Few of them are very quick results, and some of them may take a little bit of time – but all of them are very worthwhile. In this article, we will go through 7 Powerful LinkedIn Tips To Build An Incredible Profile features you should check and update for 2023.

Choosing the Right Profile picture and Cover Image :

Your profile picture is your first impression on LinkedIn and it governs your impressions from the start. There are some great videos explaining how to pick the right profile picture on LinkedIn, The ideal size for your LinkedIn profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels, confident smiling photo in the profile picture and be the only person in the picture with a recent color photo and wear what you would like to wear to work with a smile with your eyes!

Catchy headline:

A headline is the first thing to read about a profile headline for LinkedIn, create something compelling that is representative of you, add a side hustle, add numbers and add keywords which you want to be searched on the google search engine result page.

Profile Summary:

The value of a summary is the most important part of optimization. It makes you sell yourself for a job. Your summary is your chance to tell your own story and just use it to list your skills, For freelancers profile summary is generally their sales pitch.

By reading your summary people should get answers like:

  • What do you do?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • Why does your work matter?
  • Simple background about yourself?
  • Highlighted Achievements and accomplishments.
  • Finally your CTA.

Cover story video:

The cover story video is a minimum of 5 seconds to 30 seconds long, In the cover, story video share your story and highlight your goals, Note: It can only be added to LinkedIn mobile application

Few examples of things to cover in the video : ( In this example I had taken Digital marketer as an example, You can create based on your Field )

  • Hi, This is Arun Rajendran

    Book your free consultancy call with me, If you need my services.

  • Thank you for visiting my profile, This is Arun Rajendran

    Connect with me and ring the bell for tips on Search engine marketing growth.

  • Hi my name is Arun Rajendran

    Nice to e- meet you.

Use a custom LinkedIn profile URL :

Your LinkedIn URL is your default homepage for professionals. Changing your LinkedIn URL makes your profile visible and it helps to make your profile easier to find. It's mandatory to know what your LinkedIn URL is in order to share your profile page with influencers, HR and potential Clients for freelancing.

Featured section :

Featured is the section where you will showcase the work samples that you are most proud of, Use the featured section to prove your talent to recruiters like featured your GitHub projects, Highlight posts, articles, and external documents like images, videos, Pdf type content.

Publish long-form content:

Publish your content in a longer format which makes your content perform well per recent LinkedIn algorithm research the longer your content the longer reach you is acquired, For example, if you write informative Content it has to be a solution to someone's doubt, I’ll say a sample framework where it acquires all kind of action in it and it’s Search engine friendly.

  • Powerful headline
  • Intro ( Which can have shocking stats, Story )
  • What?
  • Why?
  • How? (Solution)
  • Conclusion ( Call to action)

Write a small content based on this framework in your niche. It may be coding blogs, Briefs of your projects Etc…

Conclusion :

In this article, we had seen 7 Powerful LinkedIn Tips To Build An Incredible Profile. In the upcoming articles, we will go through the advanced LinkedIn Tips which help you to search for jobs and tips to use LinkedIn like a boss!!

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