Actual benefits of Real-Time Project Training

Actual benefits of Real-Time Project Training

Learning from real-time projects

Want to know why we insist on our students learning by working on real-time projects. Real-world application of skills always encourages young minds to focus their knowledge in an engaging manner. Our Project-based learning is a simple way to learn code while having fun.

The projects we give our students are specially designed to keep an active coder engaged in the learning process. They act as a gateway to observing and learning the real-world mechanisms of the projects in the IT industry.

Play becomes Practice…..

Project-based learning section of Skill Safari’s curriculum is essential because it allows our students to put their own theories to work. One may believe that it's enough to learn everything from the book but until you face the working style on actual projects, you'll never know what's really waiting for you. The level of excitement felt by coders all over the world can be yours after that. Even though our projects are quite simple, they will help you understand megaprojects better in the future. Hunting rabbit is just a practice for bringing down Mammoths.

Easy to Get a Job…..

25% of hardcore developers today are from non-computer backgrounds. Why would someone recruit them? because modern-day recruiters are more flexible and interested in the actual skills and capacity of the person to accomplish a task.

The projects given by Skillsafari mentors will display that you can handle tasks with various complications. They will express your passion for programming. So even if you're from a different background Our project-based learning program will help you make your stand in the interviews. you'll also begin to build soft skills with our collaborative learning modules skills like teamwork, leadership are crucial to moving up the ladder in the technology industry.

Getting you in touch with coding geniuses…

Our real-world projects provide you with the chance to learn in association with some real masters in programming. Once you start the live project-based learning program, Skillsafari will connect you to our wide engaging community to provide you with guidance and inspiration for the new work. These connections you establish during our program will help survive in the iT world for a very long time. We also guide you through the process of connecting with expert community members in Discord, Clubhouse, Telegram, etc

Creating Awareness in Important subjects

Every single task has its own shortcomings you will get better when you start to identify and understand them. Get to know why Some languages are mostly preferred by programmers.

How a certain app can solve many social issues

This is what makes you very special your determination to learn-to-code will result in providing modern solutions that will improve our everyday life

Not Everything is Technical

Real-world projects are not only nurtured by your technical knowledge. At last, you will develop non-technical skills too. Learning to work with difficult teammates. This is a great opportunity to get a handle on your planning and time management skills. Another huge benefit of working on projects is decision-making. Getting to analyze the actual pros and cons of every step you take. In addition. it also boosts your critical thinking and creative skills

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