Brendan Eich & Advantages of JavaScript

Brendan Eich & Advantages of JavaScript

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Mr. Brenden Eich, while our journey, addresses and honours geniuses in the field of programming. This American techie comes to attention. He is known as the Godfather of Javascript, which is mostly the leading programming language at present.

Mr.Eich completed his bachelor's from Santa Clara University in the subjects of mathematics and computer science and continued to get his Master's degree from the University of Illinois at the year of 1985. When he was employed at the Netscape Communications Corp. The firm requested him to develop a new language that is slightly similar to JAVA for their Netscape Web Browser. Brendan Eich completed his first version within 10 days ( Yes, in ten fricking days ). He called it Mocha initially and changed its name to JavaScript. His work at Netscape started in April 1995. Even though the aim was originally to put a Scheme in their browser. His innovative nature is what made his organization commission him to create a new language for their browsing system platform. All this rush in his work is due to its preplanned accommodation to Navigator 2.0 which is the process he oversees along during the development of another innovative solution called Spidermonkey.

This genius is one of the co-founders of the Mozilla Project / the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation. The Mozilla project was meant to manage open-source contributions to the source code of Netscape. He remained as Mozilla’s chief architect until AOL bought Netscape in 1999. Later on, AOL proceeded to shut down the Netscape browser in July 2003

He become the Lead Technologist and Senior Director of the Board in recently spun out Mozilla. He was already noted for the role of CTO by his associates in the newly found Mozilla Corp which is meant to be the profit arm of the Mozilla Foundations.

Right now he is also the CEO of Brave Software, a private internet browser platform company

About advantages of Javascript

*Flexibility, this language is best suited for all novice developers. Helps them to get things done by solving the problem. Developers can apply a different set of plugins and the self-made snippet codes to get an app project to work

  • Omni platform, there is no limitation for where you can run the program scrips from mobiles, tablets and laptops on both silent and server sides. This ability kind of makes it the Universal Language.

  • Open community and standards Ecma is the standardized version of JavaScript just like open standard language. Tech companies can use the ECMA scripts to create a JavaScript implementation. It's an engine that executes source code written in a version of ECMA script language, For example, JavaScript,’ The V8 & SpiderMonkey are open source projects that are infamous for their adaptability for Javascript As a language it has been 25 years, it has developed a vast community of developers who are addicted to the available variety of choices. These people have built thousands of plugins and frameworks.

  • Frameworks like React, Angular & Vue.js have been sustained and are currently being optimized to enhance their performance. All of these are extremely developer-friendly and offer better community support

  • The language will remain in the field, full-stack development and modern-day frontend frameworks have confirmed this fact, Javascript is one of the most popular programming language in choices available for web application development

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