Dennis Ritchie And The influence of Language ''C''

Dennis Ritchie And The influence of Language ''C''

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Dennis Ritchie

You all must have known him as an old guy posing in the pictures with a funny look on his face, Let's see some more about this computer genius who paved the way for the evolution of modern computer programming in his own way. Mr. Dennis here was born in the United States of America during Post World war era of 1941. He studied physics and applied mathematics at Harvard University. When he was working for Bell Laboratories he met his work partner and associate, Mr. Ken Thompson. And just like that after some time of working together, they decided to build a that can multi-task and be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Later on, that work was called UNIX by them. And the alternatives they built to do the batch processing systems that are specific for only one kind of hardware.

Dennis Ritchie’s contribution to the programming made an impact across the globe and spanned decades. The language C is mostly used now in digital services and the UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, they all pretty much run the machines like computer systems and mobile phones.

Mr. Ritchie passed away in the year of 2011 but his innovations and works still live on, they have inspired countless inspirations for the modern-day design of operating systems. This is a common feat for every new programming language that exists today.

So what kind of the influence does the language c has on the world How does it power the tech world?

Even though today's technology is dominated by the higher level of languages, C empowers the world on a bigger scale. Let's see the following systems which are used by people all over the world and are programmed by C.

Microsoft Windows

Ever heard of the kernel, I know some might have not had a chance. This OS by Microsoft is completely developed with C . it has remained one of the most used Operating systems in the world for decades almost owning up to 90% of the market share during its time


Guess what it's written in C, at least mostly some parts of the assembly. 97 % of the world’s powerful supercomputers all 500 of them run with the Linux kernel. It is also mostly used in many personal computers.


These special things are also powered by C since the OS X kernel is written mostly in C. Every program and drive in the Mac, as in Linus and Windows systems are functioning with C- a powered kernel.

Mobile phones

iOS, Android and Windows Phone kernels are constructed by writing in C language. These adaptations still exist in Mac OS, Linux and Windows kernels. Some phones that you and your friends used today are totally running with the C programme.

That's been said, even today, many greater-era projects like UNIX and Windows have been started and re-written many times as improved versions of themselves to exist and cope with the modern world. Even today many C projects have been created by engineers seeking productivity from that wonderful programming Language.


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