Details in Differences between Java and JavaScript

Details in Differences between Java and JavaScript

How different are they from each other? Most of the users consider these two to be the same and similar to each other, or they are the same language with two different names. Actually now it's essential for everyone to know the fact that there is nothing similar and they have nothing to do with each other. If you wanna know the main purpose of people coming up with Javascript is the dominance and range of popularity of Java as a scripting language. The programme was launched as JavaScript to attain the popularity of the term ‘’java’’ as an advantage in the field.

Java. and its essence Java is basically an object-oriented, multiplatform programming language, Also it is network-centric. Java is used by developers as a computing platform. It was developed by Sun Microsystems in the year of 1995. When it was taken over by Oracle Corporation. Java had the ability to run on virtual machines. Something about JavaScript It is different from Java, I repeat it is not a part of the Java platform. This is a scripting language that is object-based in nature and aids in the development of interactive websites. The language preferably plays along with all the rules on the client-side of programming. It does not need any interferences or any particular resources from the web browser to function effectively in the application. JavaScript was developed by Netscape Inc and the code structure of this particular language is completely consistent with proper texts.

The following points specifically draw out the key differences between both languages. I hope this will help you have a better understanding of the concepts involved.


  • It's utilized and meant to be a programming language
  • It is most definitely a complete object-oriented language
  • It is a standalone language
  • It follows a strong type sequence, a programmer has to make a decision about the data type of the variable before he/she uses it.
  • It has a necessity of being complied with before execution.
  • It never needs a web browser to run
  • It is too complex for a person in his learning phase. You will understand this if java is the second language you learning.
  • It enables users to perform complicated tasks by availing of Multi-threading.
  • It needs huge memory storage to function properly
  • It requires the programs to be saved with the ".java" extension
  • It is stored as byte code in the host machines


  • It's utilized and meant to be a scripting language
  • It is most definitely a complete object-based language
  • It is not a standalone language, it required to be integrated with HTML to function
  • Javascript is a loosely interpreted language, you don't have to worry about
    the specific data type of the variable during declaration.
  • It requires to be integrated with the HTML programming language to be executed
  • It is essential to have a web browser to run a JavaScript program
  • It's very easy to learn when compared to Java at least…
  • It is not possible to perform complicated tasks with JavaScript
  • It won't take much of the memory to function properly
  • It uses a .js extension to be saved
  • And finally, it is saved in the host machine as the source text.

Well things might quite over clear here now, isn't it?

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