Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Nov 26, 2022·

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We call the front end of a website the user interface (UI) that the user sees on opening a website in which the user interacts with images, buttons, animations, forms Etc. While the frontend developer builds a website which ensures that the visibility of the site remains the same throughout different kinds of web browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Edge Etc.., In this article we are going to come across some of the important Front end developer interview questions and answers for freshers

1. Difference between ordered and unordered lists?

Ordered lists use the tags < ol > and </ ol >. All elements on the list are generally written between < li > and </ li > tags.

Unordered lists use the tags as < ul > and </ ul > tags. All elements on this list are written between < li > and </ li > tags.

2. What is Coffee Script?

It is a small programming language which compiles into JavaScript Coffee script helps to exhibit JavaScript code better by providing a constant syntax, It avoids the irregular nature of JavaScript.

3. What are the properties and methods in Objects?

Objects can have properties and methods. Property is between a name and value within an object and property can contain any type of data type and property refers to characteristics of an object. A method is a function which is the value of object property and so a task an object can perform. The difference between object properties and methods is to assume the property as a noun and the method as a verb. name, city and profession are all nouns associated with an object, and are properties. code() or talk() are verbs that might be used as a method function definition.

4. Top Difference between “ == “ and “ === “ operators?

== is a comparison operator, The == operator will compare for equality after doing any necessary type conversions.

=== is a strict equality comparison operator, === will not do the conversion, so if two values are not the same type, It will return false.

5. Object.freeze()?

Object.freeze() saves from modification of properties and values of a object and prevents the properties from being added or removed from the object.

// Initialization of an object

const user = {

username: 'Aishu',

password: 'Axios.js'


// Freezing the object

const newUser = Object.freeze(user);

newUser.password = '*'; = true;


Output :

{username: "Aishu", password: "Axios.js"}

Here in this example above, we had tried to override the password Aishu with *, but the password property remained the same and also tried to add a new property, active, but it doesn't add.

Object.isFrozen() is used to determine whether an object has been frozen or not and it returns a Boolean.

6. Some most used Git Commands and functions?

Git Config: It is used to configure names and email addresses

Get init: It is used to initialize a local Git repository where the user needs to navigate to the directory and give the command git init to initialize a repository to our local project folder.

Git Add: Git Add command helps to add files to the staging area.

Git Status: Git Status command is used to display state of a working directory as well as the staging area.

Git Commit: Git Commit command is used to make changes to head but not to a remote repository.

Git Push: Git Push command upload the content from a local repository to the remote repository.

Git Pull: Git Pull command is used to fetch the content and download the content from a remote repository.

7. What is Lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a type of technique which is used by web developers to improve the performance of the website, In this case, we can take Facebook as an example when you open the website you see only some number of posts, But whenever we scroll down it loads the content dynamically which means it doesn’t fetch all the data at one time instead of it, It fetches the data on demand and delays the remaining part of a page until the user requires it.

Concluding With….

The above-mentioned questions are the most commonly asked Front End Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers. In our upcoming series of blogs, we will also add an advanced level of Front End Development Interview Questions and Answers to this blog that is prevalent in the Industry.

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