Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Section - 2

Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Section - 2


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The applications and websites we use daily are built using several languages and frameworks, The demand for frontend developers is huge in India with an average salary of 5.2 LPA, In this article, we will go through the most important Front-End Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Types of list HTML?

There are three types of lists in HTML are given below:

Ordered list- Ordered list uses a <ol> tag which helps to display an element in a number format.

Unordered list– Unordered list uses a <ul> tag which helps to display elements in a bulleted format.

Definition list A definition list uses <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> tags which do operations like displaying elements in definition form as we have in a dictionary.

<!DOCTYPE html>



    <h2>SAMPLE CODE</h2>















  • Pepsi

  • Coke

  • Sprite

  1. Pepsi

  2. Coke

  3. Sprite

What are the advantages of HTML5?

  • HTML 5 Multimedia Support and can store offline data using SQL databases.

  • HTML5 also allows users to draw various shapes for example circles, triangles, etc.

  • HTML5 Includes new Semantic tags.

  • Javascript can be run in the background.

What are the similarities between the border and rule attributes?

Border attribute is a non-zero value then the default cell borders with the thickness of one pixel will be added automatically Similarly, if The attribute is added to the <table> tag, then the border attribute will not be included, and the default one-pixel border will be set and appear on the screen.

What is Responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a method in which the design and development of a web page take place, Where user activities and conditions are based on various components like the length and size of a screen and portability of web pages on different devices, etc. This type of process is done by using different types of flexible layouts and grids.

What is the float property?

By using a float property image can be moved along with the text to the left to right or right to left by applying this property and it does not change the properties of the element to which it's applied.

What is the Z-index?

Z-index specifies the stack order of elements that overlap with each other and its default value of zero and can take either a negative or positive value. Z-index acknowledges the values like auto, number, and inherit. and initial

What is a breadcrumb in Bootstrap?

Breadcrumbs are used to display website hierarchy-based information. It shows the dates of publication, categories, and tags in the case of blogs and Bootstrap helps to show where the current page is in the navigational hierarchy.

What are the properties and methods of Objects?

Objects have both properties and methods, Where property is the association between the key and value within an object and it contains any datatype property that refers to the characteristic of an object. Whereas a method is a function of the value of object property and therefore a task that an object can be performed.

What is a Typed language?

Typed Language is associated with values and not with variables.

Dynamically: In dynamic, a variable can hold multiple types as like in JS a variable can take numbers, and chars.

Statically: In statically a variable can hold only one type as like in Java a variable declared of string can take only a set of characters.

What are the types of javascript errors?

Syntax error: Syntax errors are mistakes in code or spelling problems in the code that causes a problem in the execution of the program.

Logical error: Logical error occurs when reasoning mistakes occur where our syntax is proper but the logic of the program is incorrect.


The above-mentioned questions are the most important and commonly asked Front End Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers.

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