Guido Van Rossum  And the story of Python & Ai

Guido Van Rossum And the story of Python & Ai

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Mr. Guido Van Rossum, just like other miracle workers in our ongoing list of computer legends who revolutionized programming. Among all these people, if anyone has eased the entire process involved in programming by implementing a method to turn an idea into a functional code, it's made possible by Rossum, by him creating Python programming. Language.

He was born in the Netherlands and spent most of his young life there. He studied Master's in mathematics and computer science at the University of Amsterdam in 1982. He involved himself in the project dedicated to the development of the ABC programming language from which he gathered relevant working experience from his co-developers.

This kindled his interest in the subject and made him pick a hobby programming project in December 1989 to keep himself busy during his Christmas break. He ended up creating a new scripting language called Python. Today it's the second most popular language on Github. There are some important qualities for it being a high job posted language in the market. Compared to other languages Python has a nature of being Easy and Intuitive And the language is open source, it enables anyone to contribute to its development The understanding quotient of the language is so simple because it looks more or less like its words in plain English It's more suitable for everyday tasks

He mostly worked on Google and Dropbox and has been known to be employed by Microsoft since 2020 in the developer division.

What is Python doing to AI?

The rise of artificial intelligence & machine learning is going towards creating a new era for our civilization, not to mention some people fear that technology will replace some daily workers and perform their tasks. Even though that's true the number of jobs replaced by AI is getting longer with every passing day. Workers like accountants, radiologists, paralegals, and truck drivers are currently being replaced by AI. We are witnessing it right by it

And Python has been a foundational language for AI. The project they work on is completely different from traditional software development. So it is kind of necessary to learn python in deep to the crux of building a career in AI. Its stable and flexible nature has made it fond of all programmers. Now its widely applied on machine learning applications, always been the top priority in machine learning across industries

These are some following reasons why it is most important and preferred widely There is a huge bundle of libraries/frameworks available And it's quite tricky to choose what is best to run an ML or AI algorithm. It's significant to make the right choice to come up with the best solution The pre-written codes in Python libraries and frameworks conserve more time in general. These pre-existing extensive libraries play a crucial role in deciding the prominence of the language Some of the are

  • SciPy- advanced computing
  • Keras- machine and deep learning models
  • Scikit learn - data modelling
  • NumPy - data cleaning and data manipulation
  • Seaborn - data visualization
  • Caffe- image processing
  • Pandas - mostly used to analyze data
  • PyTorch- training deep learning models
  • OpenCV- processing images

Solutions like these make it easier for developers to develop products faster. Its not really a time-consuming process to use libraries. it's easy to find the right one using existing structures

All this was made possible by the Christmas break project of a dedicated computer enthusiast

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