Here is why you should hire Full Stack Developers for your Start-up

Here is why you should hire Full Stack Developers for your Start-up

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Every year, with the enhancement of technology trends getting onboarded, there get onboarded new frameworks, new/updated programming languages, and other supporting tools to finalize a full-fledged working application and additional learning options for developers to learn and build. So, the crux is that finding a full-stack developer doesn’t only make it more difficult than before. But your startup needs them, and I’m gonna tell you why.

For a common internet user, the web page he looks at is the key to attracting his interest. To create a cross-functional website/web app, there are 3 major components. Front-end, back-end, and database architecture that would connect everything. Full-stack development includes complex procedures such as designing the framework and network of a website.

It is a task that involves different roles, where a full-stack developer needs to be proficient in using both business knowledge and marketing experience. Full-stack developers work in different disciplines, working cross-functionally offering the “full-stack” of a website. Full-stack developers are by definition, those that have proficiency in all three of these and can work independently on any web development project without the need for additional support. And most importantly learning is a continual process.

In the life of a software developer, learning never ends. — Albert Sidhant

If you feel the concept of Full-stack developers being exaggerated then you can very well get associated with the old school who are called Frontend Developers, Backend Engineers, and architectures who stand as a stronghold to develop applications. Said this, if you want individual specializations as mentioned you need to be ready with splurged investment to fulfil the requirement.

But, this is not an idle working model for start-ups especially if it’s bootstrapped. Running a startup needs to cut corners and edges wherever and whenever required. If it’s about a technology-centric startup, it’s going to be a headwind against the capital. So, startup founders are focused on long-term capital, so they don’t look for perfection, if so they wouldn’t have started up in the first place, isn’t it? Hope you will agree with me. The below-mentioned points will back my points on why a startup should hire a full stack developer or a trained full-stack developer.

#1 Full-stack developers reduce working capital and team size:

Building a tech start-up and running it with boundaries, constraints all around it viz. budget, employees, capital investments, etc., considering various aspects like these are indigenous in nature. And when you hire full-stack developers, your resource requirement metric goes down for the same value of delivery. Thus, you go low on your pocket and more on the value received.

So if building up a web/mobile app or any software infrastructure is a part of your plan, hiring individual experts in the frontend, backend and database separately would be a great option but these individuals usually work in their own silo, and none of them would have the right or vision about what’s happening outside their realm. That’s a difficult scenario for a start-up that doesn’t have streamlined processes which usually big MNCs have.

Thus, as a start-up entrepreneur, onboarding a few Full-Stack Developers will get your job done. Even at Skill Safari, we have onboarded only 4 main developers who take care of end-end processes. (I’m not making a point here, just mentioning our company for a backlink).

Having a few people onboarded makes the team’s vision clear. Communication becomes more engaging and conveying ideas becomes less challenging.

#2 Full-Stack Developers get along and grow with you

A start-up usually needs to share its vision with its employees, where the travel cycle of development or maintenance goes, full-stack developers will have a closer connection aligned to the start-up’s vision. They will get attached to the company and its vision, subsequently, when the start-up grows the developers grow along.

A full-stack developer will be the best person to give KT and guide a new developer who gets onboarded. As they can be the best translator and they can be the voice for your product to your clients/investors. They will be the ones who’ll love to see your product getting developed from stack to stack.

#3 Full Stack developers can become developer wizards in the long run

Initially, Full-Stack developers are not experts, and it’s not a bad thing. Startups are not perfect either. And also, you are highly unlikely to find an expert from a startup but in established companies only. So on that note expecting perfection doesn’t make sense. In the same way, expecting a full stack developer to be an expert at the start is not sensible either. But in contrast, with more experience in any particular stack, one can become more proficient in development.

One of the greatest assets of full-stack developers is that they are flexible enough to handle the development and architecture. That’s why Full Stack web developers are called the UNICORNS of the software development field.

To reduce training costs and get trained full-stack developers, you can hire from Skill Safari’s Alchemyst Program, where developers are trained vigorously with various projects and assessments for a duration of over 8 months. And Skill Safari never charges you a penny to hire these talents from the Alchemyst Program.

#4 Full-Stack Developers have their basics clear

While aspiring to become Full Stack Developers, they undergo thorough basics training. Which includes Fundamentals of Programming(FOP), Data Structures and Algorithms, Feature-Oriented Software Development(FOSD), etc. These things are the building base for any software developer, most individual developers will not have the basics cleared. But for a full stack developer, it is a must to cover their basics as it will act as a foundation for their stacks.

So, even if you onboard full-stack developers with a higher package in your startup, they can specialize themselves in any role you want and at a much quicker pace. This is due to the very fact that they have a strong base.

Even Skill Safari’s Alchemyst Program focuses on training and grooming developers in the basics. That’s one main reason why Skill Safari’s Alchemyst Full Stack Developer program is most sought among people for Full Stack training as well as by the companies who prefer hiring from Skill Safari.

#5 Hiring trained and skilled Full Stack Developers have become easier and free

There are many companies in India that are supplying Trained Full Stack Developers. One among them is Skill Safari, where you can get trained candidates. And I’m mentioning this as one of the reasons is because you can get quality Full Stack Developers for free. You just have to contact us, we give you profiles, you do the interview and you offer them.

Skill Safari’s Full Stack developer course follows an intensive boot camp format where they learn from expert faculty in the live Sessions and practice their skills by working on live projects. We cater to efficient and productive developers for companies. And this is why you should hire from Skill Safari. To know more about the program please follow Alchemyst Full Stack Developer Program.

It´s better to wait for a product developer to become available than it is to wait for the first available developer to become productive.

-Steve McConnell


The aforementioned reasons give you clarity on considering Full Stack Developers for your startup. They will be the face of software development in the coming years to leverage the emerging on-demand technologies. They are flexible and solo which saves on your pocket and office space, they can adapt complexities of the development environment. Their strong base and deep and diverse knowledge about frontend and backend alongside architecture will make one heck of an asset to your start-up. And we made full-stack developers hiring easy

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