How do data structures & Algorithms help?

How do data structures & Algorithms help?

Hey everyone, we are here to see some more useful applications and purposes of data structures and algorithms.

Optimizing of codes:

Data structures and algorithms aid you to optimize code. If you can come up with the best data structure that requires the minimum time to execute the absolute code. The firms that deal with software could not ask more

If you are a company that has to deal with millions of rows of customer data and you have to find a particular person's details: The data is stored in an unstructured list and you use the linear search algorithm to program. The program you use will go through every single line of customer detail and it will take forever for you to find out the required information But just in case if you had it stored in a sorted array, it can use a binary search algorithm to find the data in seconds This is how using the right data structure will help the algorithm to write an optimized code and save hundreds of thousands of hours in an instance. Optimizing solutions will help companies to control the usage of resources expensed on particular project work. So having a defined knowledge of data structure and algorithms has a critical role in making you a good programmer.

Computer Geeks and Scientists

Who are these guys anyway? Even if you are a mediocre programmer you the that everything you do is based on using library functions. You must understand that the logic behind these abstractions is whether you want to use them properly or not.

There are two main reasons why a programmer chooses software engineering. A high salary or a passion for programming.If you belong to the latter category You belong to the group of people who loves innovating new things and building stuff. People like Larry Page and Dennis Ritchie belong to this category. Without a doubt. They must have been really good at comprehending data structures and algorithms. Just like other core concepts of the world of programming. So, Anyone who had some goal to build new things and be a genius in computer technology. It's quite not possible without data structures and algorithms

Makes it easier to adapt to new tech stacks

Frameworks keep changing in a constant phase, A decade ago. Something known as EJB was a big deal but it got replaced by Spring. There are many frameworks available for all languages. And they have a very short lifespan. Unlike them, data structure and algorithms will stay forever.
Being a fundamental concept of programming. They have to stay no matter what kind of technology is in use. Programmers with a stronghold on these concepts will have no difficulty in adapting to tech stacks.

Most of our students in Skill Safari will just take 15 to 20 days to learn the MEAN stack after they complete the MERN stack from our Full stack developer course. As per their experience, their strength in data structures played a major role in aiding their swift form MERN to MEAN.

Why do we teach fundamentals first?

The major companies in the market hire people who have strong fundamentals in programming. they test their candidates on Data structures and algorithms. Firms like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and other tech giants quite often have taken care of huge issues. These can only be solved with minimal attention and time to keep functions going on. people with real proficiency in core concepts can solve problems quicker. This is why most of their first-level interview questions are riddled with questions related to data structures and algorithms.

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