How  Skill Safari graduates are easy hires?

How Skill Safari graduates are easy hires?

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·Jun 2, 2022·

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Why our students are unique?

In most cases, the first step companies go through after hiring candidates is to train them in the organizational process and the skills required for them to work on ongoing projects. Many companies like Infosys, and TCS have a well-planned training program that lasts for almost 6 months.

Our students from Skill Safari’s training program. Those who get hired as entry-level developers are already well trained to handle tasks that are even more complicated for experienced professionals. This is because of the quality of the training they receive from us. Our trainers focus on converting young students into industry-ready professionals within the six months of the training period.

We actually make them work on entry-level projects from the first few weeks. By doing that we make it easier for them to make use of resources and get along with teammates to encourage appropriate work culture.

Our Students are highly competitive

Learning in our online environment for six months can be a piece of cake if you develop the right attitude. Our students go through this extensive and rigorous training which encourages them to stretch beyond limits. In this journey, they overcome various challenges in order to grasp all the new technical concepts in programming. This obviously pushes them to the best of their abilities and expands their potential. Developing this quality in them turns out to be a big plus for many tech startups as they are going through the growth phase. They need their employees to have that rush on to at extra effort for improving the speed of the growth. Hiring people from Skill Safari allows them to add a thriving genius with a learning mindset and thirst for knowledge into their group. It's an easy way to kindle innovation in their projects.

Masters of Soft Skills

I just can not insist on how these play a key role in your development in today's work environment. It may sound trivial but soft skills like your ability to communicate and present some ideas really build your skill quotients. Somehow our schools and colleges never focus on soft skills. One must be highly collaborative in order to survive in these work environments Even though we are a coding school, Skill Safari puts a lot of effort into cultivating a good personality in our students. We have a special career placement where we help our students to develop communication and social skills. This place of the course actually makes your self-presenting skills at their peak.

The above factors are why big corporates and unicorn startups select our Skill Safari graduates to fill their Software Development roles. They give more importance to actual skills possessed by the graduate than their college degrees and have no problems with hiring students from non-technical backgrounds. Trust us Skill Safari has placed more than hundreds of students from commerce and arts-related backgrounds. Almost every single company that hires from us comes back every year to add more graduates to their corporate hierarchy as they are expanding their business every year and that only increases their thrust for young talents.

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