How Skillsafari’s program changed a student's life…

How Skillsafari’s program changed a student's life…

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·May 19, 2022·

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Hi everyone, this is Ashok from skill safari a core member of the Product Management Team in all my time with this organization, I came across many interesting life experiences of students across India. The interesting events in Ms.Kirthika Mahadevan’s life could be related to most of you.

She got enrolled in SkillSafari’s Full Stack Developer course last summer. Just because she had to do something related to pursuing a career.

Obviously, like most fresh graduates, she had no clue about how to find a job in my field even after completing 4 years of [ IT ] from a reputed university in Punjab. Once I overheard something that she was discussing with other students. How all her efforts to get placed after college was not very fruitful because of her lacking practical skills.

Well, it's totally understandable, it’s not her mistake

This is a common issue faced by all new graduates in India, the actual surprise here is how all the educational institutions in our country seem to omit this issue,

Again back to Kirthika, when we approached her about our new Pay after Placement program. ; Like everyone, she was quite skeptical about how things would work out for her with this. But things changed once she entered the batch.

I still recall that our last summer batch had many successful students who got placed in jobs with the package of 5 to 10 LPA. Kirthi was one of them. Trust me, I really remember the day she got placed as a Programmer Analyst in Freshworks, with her batchmates in far better jobs, she seemed satisfied with her accomplishment.

When I asked for her feedback on Skillsafari, she came out with an essay describing how we actually changed her life

Here it goes

Kirthika Mahadevan,

Mentors in Skillsafari’s Full stack development program helped me to learn everything from scratch. It gave me a chance to rebuild my entire perception of programming, these people are actual genii. Who actually knows what they are doing. Every single one of them. My batchmates, even the ones who had no computer background or basic computer knowledge managed to code their own application by themselves. The level of precision we acquired by working together as a team still helps me with everyday work.

Some of us even got placed within a week after course completion.

Like she says, I have seen many students like Kirthika. Who came into our program with no idea of how things actually work, when they are done with their graduation. I am glad to say we managed to change that for every single one of them

All the candidates who were in our previous program still remain extremely grateful to our mentors. We are actually looking forward to expanding our business horizon even more across the country. To help many more youngsters with every passing year….

I hope to see you all again with some more student stories from

Skill Safari …

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