How To Become A DevOps Engineer - DevOps Road Map

How To Become A DevOps Engineer - DevOps Road Map

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DevOps has become a trendy word in recent times. People are interested in Learning DevOps, DevOps which is linked to improved software development and deployment, The DevOps career path is the most profitable, and the DevOps Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 5 Lakhs to ₹ 12 Lakhs, In this article, you will learn about how to become a DevOps engineer and its road map.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the collaboration process between Development and Operations to make software for delivering high-quality products and giving excellent customer experience through automation and innovative practices. It helps to increase the delivery speed of the product to the client like software applications and services.

Why DevOps?

Initially used methods are the Waterfall model and agile, Where the waterfall it takes more time to deploy, In case any error occurs in the deployment stage then we need to start from the initial design stage to solve this issue Agile method has been introduced it too has some type of defect, To overcome those defects DevOps was implemented where you can design, code, test and deploy in every module of the project, It helps to provide great customer service by allowing companies to build and deliver applications and services in less time and reduce costs by eliminating waste and duplication in the production process.


How to become a DevOps engineer?

Step 1: Fundamentals in Linux and Scripting Knowledge :

To become a DevOps Engineer, Basically having a piece of knowledge in Linux is mandatory, since you’ll be working on Linux servers that run the application and other components day in and day out. Also having good scripting knowledge to automate things is required. The scripting language can be anything python, bash or Perl.

STEP 2: Version Control System(GIT ) :

The most popular Version Control System in the modern world today is Git. Here you will learn about Adding, committing, pushing, pulling, checkout and merging. Knowledge about git is mandatory if you are managing your code using CM tools.

STEP 3: Configuration management :

Manage infrastructure as a code Configuration management tool plays an important role. CML helps to automate the infrastructure by just managing it through code just like normal software. Configuration management tools enable changes and deployments to be faster, more predictable and scalable. Some of the commonly used CML tools are Ansible, CF Engine, Chef, Puppet and Salt. Having experience in any one of these tools is enough.


Continuous Integration is about how you can automate the build process and how to continuously build the latest commit to the source code repository. To develop, Integrate, build, test, apply, feedback, and deliver you need a CI/CD pipeline. You need to build an automated process to be executed using the appropriate tools like Jenkins and Gitlab CI are great tools for end-to-end automation servers

STEP 5 : Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring is the part of DevOps principle it is very important for a DevOps Engineer to collect feedback Change corrections and implement the changes quickly, For monitoring, we should have knowledge of tools like Nagios, Datadog, icinga,Splunk etc..

Step 6: Cloud:

Cloud has become the most trending word in the recent past you should have good cloud knowledge to combine the benefits of Cloud and DevOps. Cloud computing is higher virtualization and the computing resources are out stored in a cloud, Cloud services are needed for infrastructure, production, testing and database requirements You should be good with at least any one of the famous public cloud providers like AWS, Google cloud and Azure.

Conclusion :

Learning all these technologies by self-learning might be difficult so we came up with a solution of a new DevOps program at SkillSafari, Where you will train by experts It’s an Outcome-based learning Program where we teach you From Scratch, soft skills training, Webinars with Experts, On the Completion of all the assignment and projects to earn a certificate of DevOps Engineer from Skill Safari. Also, earn a certificate for clearing each module with 100 % placement assistance!!

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