How to craft a resume objective for developers?

How to craft a resume objective for developers?

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·May 28, 2022·

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Hey, this particular discussion is going to be completely based on Resume writing. Yes, you heard it right. It may sound like basic stuff for a programmer. But trust me presenting a good resume is a unique skill. Sometimes it can get or rob good opportunities in your career path.

So, once you are done with learning programming and building prototype projects. Being done with the hard part of the task. Now it's time to get into working for a good company. Don't forget that there are thousands of people who want the same just as you and they all are running in this race with you. It's essential to have some fair tricks that will get you to the doors and bag a million-dollar job, Sometimes it's literally millions of dollars.

Before starting to create a resume, its important to know what makes you look better when compared to other resumes A personal brand in your description of work, which is easily understandable for everyone Ensuring your active presence on GitHub and some other competitive sites. Tech recruiters hunt for active developers in those profiles. Maintaining a good engagement ratio on your profiles, so that anyone can see a live demonstration of your work However, If you are just beginning to make your presence in these domains, you build a strong portfolio to make you stand out from the cluster of resumes on a recruiter's desk.

The intention of your resume

Defining the objective is the crucial part. If an HR manager of a tech company is sitting with a hundred resumes on his desk. Among all the candidates who have applied for entry-level positions. He will just take 15 seconds to scan through each resume. Your job is to make him read the whole thing when he comes across your resume.

What will grab the attention of your resume?

I suggest you craft a few introduction lines to explain why you're a perfect fit for the open position. To encourage a long attention span you should just take 5 seconds read your worth of stuff to explain your objective. Being brief with an introduction will kindle the interest of the reader and probably make them go through the entire subject of the resume.

How to write a resume objective?

  • Emphasis on what the employer wants from you
  • Order out your skills like they perfectly get in league with those job requirements
  • Explain how only you can provide better results for the company.

For Example, If you write something like this you got no chance,

“Graduate with a B.Tech Computer science degree looking for a challenging job in a reputable company where I can leverage my skills as a software engineer and work with team players and grow towards achieving my career goals”

This kind of statement will get your resume sidelined in 10 seconds

And this is how you should write it

“As a young learner, I have developed a functional clone of Linkedin and Tik Tok using the MERN stack working in a team of 5 members. I am an innovative relentless performer with a knack for developing new applications with minimum time and space complexity. Actively expecting to look forward to using my skills to create a highly optimized solution for [ Name of the Company ] and save the company's resources.”

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