James Gosling And Impact of Java

James Gosling And Impact of Java

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·Jun 30, 2022·

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Mr.James Gosling, to be particular Canadian Scientist is actually known as the Father of Java, which is the most appreciated programming language by modern-day developers. Gosling completed his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary in the year 1977. He could have carried on with his regular job but he pursued Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University the thesis produced by him was based on ‘‘ The Algebraic Manipulation of Constraints’’. Also while doing his Ph.D. Gosling built a version of UNIX with a capacity to multiprocess data through several compilers and mail systems. He worked for Sun Microsystems in 1984 for 26 years before the complete business was acquired by Oracle. In the year 1991. Gosling invested his time and effort to develop a new language. Along with his colleagues, he developed a new language unlike C++, It can be an independent platform and can be used to program other devices as well. Nearly after 18 months, he developed the working model of this language which he called OAK at first. But he later renamed it JAVA in 1995. And this JAVA changed the world of software development and technology forever. It had great features provided with simplicity in application. One of the main reasons for it to be still is the present and future language. Even today many developers use Java to build new applications and platforms for many devices including computers, Blu- ray players, surveillance equipment, and especially navigation systems & mobile phones Have you seen their homepage, I mean Java proudly, says more than 1 billion computer systems and 3 to 4 billion smartphones run on this specific programming language Because of this great achievement. Gosling got elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering Gosling himself was a man of technology working for leading firms like Google and Amazon. He had also successfully built a startup called Liquid Robotics.

Java’s Impact This revolutionary program had a significant impact on the way programming is done forever. Today it has estimated around 6.5 million active developers are using java on a wide range of devices. This high-level language completes 20 years in being existence and has adapted a lot since its introduction to the world. Before Java programmers have major difficulties like arithmetic errors and memory constraints. Also, it is very difficult to port the source code from one version of one UNIX to another. however, JAVA has changed all this because it was built on a tool that could act as a power source for several industry-grade software platforms.

What’s so special about Java

First of all, it is based on object-oriented programming. This makes java codes simple and easy to understand. For anyone who is familiar with C & C#, then learning Java programming is quite easy for you. This is the main reason why it remains a favourite code for several ranges of programmers. A core Java course from Skill Safari is all you have to begin with when you are learning you will understand how it has the ability to automatically collect garbage and steer clear of memory leaks. Also, its portable nature avails it to be used across platforms by programmers to fix bugs and resolve development problems quickly as possible.

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