Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider & the revolution called cloud

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider & the revolution called cloud

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·Jul 8, 2022·

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Dr. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider

In recent days, the large tech firms like MANG [ Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix & Google] are planning to upgrade their services related to cloud computing and have completely adapted to it But this man here Dr. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider is the one who coined some earliest thoughts on something called “ Intergalactic Computer Network’’ during the year 1962. In the modern tech world, many Software systems use the Cloud for better efficiency in their storage. This totally replaces the requirement for local storage units. Mr.Joseph studied many things like psychology, maths, and physics at the University of Washington. He completed his under graduation at the year in 1937 and his post-graduation in psychology in 1938, Like every active mind in his time he pursued his doctorate and that was done at the University of Rochester. Enough about his academic endeavours, I just mentioned that because he was way over his times level of thought, unlike other academics in his period. His far-sighted ideas in those times were focused on many modern features. We use today, things like graphical computing, user-friendly interfaces, e-commerce platforms and banking using the internet.

Cloud computing in Future

Modern-day technology may be something completely driven by innovative thinking. But when compared to this phase cloud computing is not a recent idea. This technology is acknowledged despite its age, and the number of functions it performs has grown since. In terms of the latest innovations cloud computing has an influence on future-driven technologies.
The four obvious reasons why cloud computing is going to have a major impact on upcoming years of future

Safe to use Digitally and Operates World

It is forecasted that the cloud will shape the digital infrastructure of the globe, and its presence space will expand from its current diametric range across the world, this will happen with a growth of population. Modern operations like elevators that are smart, parking lots, cars that won't need drivers and drone taxis. Completed automated farms and powerplants, Cloud actually simplifies the way in which humans live. By exchanging information and collecting informative data. Efforts involved in flight management, business analytics, and financial securities can be eased in a cost-effective way.

Easing the re-derivation of data and organizing its collection

With the rise in the number of people, businesses and networks pike up with the direct flow of data. Humans can manage and store this enormous amount of data by re-driving the storage. Be it the new web pages or HD traffic videos or formatted magic to tech communication. With all the collective information piled in one place. The future society will be perfectly informed with all insights into the world.

Improves the working of AI

We all have it in our smartphones and computers. The need to Power AI with the cloud is proven with the promise of efficiency. It is possible because of its effective method of organizing and retrieving data, which in turn increases the speed. Every AI-powered device can work with 10 times more speed with this possibility.

Driverless Commute

The utmost proof of accomplishment is the modern-day Tesla cars with a systematic network of effective information sharing systems a car can just manage itself on an open road. This has been possible thanks to the cloud network. And obviously, it's going to be driverless with certain improvements to the effectiveness of the network.

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