List of Interview questions that makes you anxious(Part-1)

List of Interview questions that makes you anxious(Part-1)

Nov 17, 2022·

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Ask anyone who is getting ready for an interview, most often everyone would be anxious to get ready for it. The primary fear would be what type of questions they might ask and how to give the right answer and whether will I be selected. Such type of anxiety is universal and so let us deduce it for goodwill. Let's dive right in,

1 Tell me about yourself

Recruiters are tired of looking at CVs back-to-back which seems more identical. Every single person who has been called-in for the interview would have met the benchmark qualification set by the JD. So, when everything is already listed in the seemingly identical CV, then how would the recruiter draw a line to differentiate between picking the right candidate for the company? This is where they bring in such creative questions to let the interviewee impress the interviewer rather than for their attempt to find something different from their CVs

As set forth, this is the space to impress the recruiter by showcasing your ability, to prove that you would be the right candidate. The essential key to this is,

  • Share who you are as a person - ambitious/ studious / achiever with enough examples
  • Share your achievements /accomplishments / your leanings from any event that happened in your life.
  • Share the future goal you foresee reaching, by taking up this role(the position you applied for)

Keep in mind, the above-mentioned should be the content to " Tell me about yourself " question and nothing else apart from the above-proposed topics should be your selling point.

2 What are your strengths & weakness? This is a genuine question the recruiter is trying to understand your personality by considering you for the role as a full-time employee to their team. It would be best if you could mention the qualities your JD demands(provided add a story to support your proficiency) and once again prove to the interviewer that you would be the right fit for a loyal & hardworking employee.

Strengths: Understand the JD in & out, to coax the recruiter to recruit you without any second thoughts.

Weakness: Never say the weakness that you consider to possess. Always keep in mind to play with this question and make it a point to end it positively.

For instance, you can use such context :

  • (lighter Note) “ Sweet tooth could be my weakness” or “ I am more of a learner than to spend time on entertainment. So far, it only supported me towards growth & progress so, I hardly could say that as my weakness sir/ma’am “
  • (Generic) “ Everyone makes mistakes but learning from them marks the key difference between a winner and a mediocre. And I believe I am a winner because..(add a story to support this claim else this might end as a failed pitch)
  • (To the point answer) “ I don’t think I have a weakness sir, maybe that’s because I don’t dwell on anything as my weakness rather I constantly work towards finishing my set goals, so I don’t think I have any”

3 Why would we want to hire you?

The only key to answering this right is by thoroughly understanding the Job Description(JD) you applied for. Understand the JD by drawing a mental picture by keeping yourself in the proposed JD position as a full-time employee and picture how your day-to-day work would roll out. Once this is done right, without any other supplemented support you will be spot on with the right answer to this question. And your selling point would be sealed.

And so we could conclude by saying,“ Practice makes anything flawless “, so practicing all the key questions before the interview would fetch desired results. Most of the candidates tend to be confined to the non-practice mode for the interviews they attend and unfortunately, the practice which they must get at their own time happens to take place at the time of their interview and that’s the major reason why some candidates hop-on to back-to-back interviews to succeed. Let’s wise to the entail.

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