Perfect Reasons for you to Choose Skill Safari

Perfect Reasons for you to Choose Skill Safari

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·Jun 23, 2022·

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Skill Safari Build’s your Career from its core

Our last batch had a 100% placement ratio, all our young graduates managed to get into tech companies and become professional developers working with real-time projects. Even though the demand for them is really high in the market the upcoming batches are still going to be filled with new graduates seeking to build their careers with expert guidance. It's always better to have someone who knows what they are doing. When you are building something precious like your career

When you are determined to make the necessary efforts to elevate your career, Then you have no obstacles left for you to overcome in your journey with Skill Safari

Every now and then we hear stories about students sharing their life experiences about how they gave up their hope and saw a light at the end of their tunnel through Skill Safari. Some of their transformational journeys have become the root source of our inspiration in helping countless students. Solving the massive challenges of unemployment in India is a really exciting and rewarding experience for us.

Minimal Financial Investments from your side

Skill Safari invests its time and effort in you. The sweetest spot of our deal is the income share agreement, which is a special financial instrument that enables you to start learning immediately with minimum advance payment and pay the total course fee only when you get placed in a job with the package of 5LPA or above. You will only have to pay us a little share of your salary for the next 12 months until you reach the course fee limitation.

This directly means that we invest in our students and their careers by taking minimum fees unlike a University or a college, Also, we continue to work with you until you secure yourself a desired career in IT. So, It's definitely clear that your success is our success.

For us, your skill is more important than your background

Our admission process is based on criteria of ages between 18 to 30 and the candidate must have passed 12th. That's about it. What stream of degree you have done is none of our concern as long as you got the skills. Not only your educational background we don't really pay attention to your race, gender, orientation, caste or creed. One of the main reasons for our success is that our hiring partners care more about skills more than degrees and hire you as developers only for your coding skills. In fact, most of our last batches are filled with graduated who have most unlikely degrees that with complementing a career in software development.

Once you join you're always a part of us

Every single alumnus of ours has a long-lasting relationship with Skill Safari. Since our curriculum is based on encouraging peer collaboration intensively. This is bound to keep all the students close to each other. Like every other community, we are stronger when we are together. So once you are into us you will always be one of many in our wide range of connections.

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