Real-time application of Data Science

Real-time application of Data Science

In this tech-driven world, almost everything is driven by data. It does matter what kind of business are you in, it can be a marketing agency or a ma manufacturing unit. Proper use of data can change your business . of course you use it all time in everything you do. From searching Googleto hiring new people into your corporate hierarchy. They all are really about data.

Some real-time examples

Data science in Ecommerce

Amazon and other E-commerce platforms know what product you like and when you will be searching for it and what will make you add it to your cart. Every single detail of your entire shopping expedition will be stored in form of data into their storage. The company will use it to know what you need or want and suggest it to you from their large inventory. Almost 32% of the sales on their website happen through this process. This means Mr.Bezos can't keep up his competition with Tesla without product recommendations, Anyway, It's not a single-way transaction, this aids in enriching customer experience by making their search relevant and the process of buying things easier.

Food Delivery and Transportation

Uber Eats is a product of a giant in the taxi business. Uber expanded their business to the food delivery market. They have started a revolution in making people eat food items far from their reach. Even though Its mission is to deliver food when it's still warm and they are maintaining its phase from the beginning by using big data and analytics. So, how this actually works, they gather all the data associated with the time taken for delivery. It enables their riders to deliver more than one meal by assigning the pickup time to them. They reduced the time taken to delivery by doing this. They have even included meteorologists to forecast weather conditions on data. And the influence it may have on the upcoming deliveries.

Healthcare Industry

Another Billion dollar industry to receive amazing merits from the application of data science, Analyzing medical images with frameworks like Mapreduce can help in detecting tumours. Also, the application of data science can also enable an advanced level of treatment through the observation of genes and genomes. Someday from now, it will help us to understand DNA and find out individuals.

The World Wide Web

This could be the first thing for people to think about when learning about data science applications. Anything that is connected to the web is completely operated through data. There are thousands of search engines like Google. For example, there are many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, and every single one of these search engines (including Google) uses data science algorithms to deliver the best result for customer queries in a fraction of seconds. Google processes 20 petabytes of data every day just as customer search input.

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