Road Map to become a Data Analyst in 2023

Road Map to become a Data Analyst in 2023

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You would have heard this phrase before: "Data is the new oil.". Data is an extremely valuable resource in today's world, as it can provide valuable insights into various areas ranging from business operations to scientific research. With data, making informed decisions and driving progress in various fields would be easier, if possible. This is where data analysts come in: they collect, process, and analyze data to extract meaningful insights and identify patterns or trends. These insights can then guide decision-making, improve operations, and spark innovation. The demand for skilled data analysts is increasing in today's data-driven world. Data analysts can use advanced tools and techniques to uncover insights that may have gone unnoticed and use these insights to drive progress and innovation.

Furthermore, data analysts can frequently assist organizations in saving time and money by identifying inefficiencies or areas where resources could be more effectively allocated. Data analysis is a critical investment for any organization because it has the potential to impact the bottom line significantly.

Why Data Analyst?

Compared to other tech jobs in India, the demand for data analysts is enormous. According to recent LinkedIn statistics, there are still over 30 thousand open positions for the role of Data Analyst. Despite the high vacancy rate, there is a high demand for data analyst roles. But the supply of skilled data analysts is low compared to the need for data analysts. The average salary of a Data Analyst in India is 6 Lakh Per Annum to 20 Lakh Per Annum.

How to become a data analyst?


A data analyst's journey begins with advanced Excel skills; Microsoft Excel is currently the most prominent data-crunching tool in the industry. Excel provides significant functionalities required to structure data conveniently. Features such as data filters, functions, formulas, charts and plots, pivot tables, and VBA macros can be learned in one week to perform data analysis operations. A good data analyst must have Excel skills ranging from beginner to advanced. Statistics are necessary to become a good data analyst, and data interpretation requires statistical knowledge. Skills in essential topics such as data types, chart types, data aggregation, and data variation will be helpful too. A basic understanding of statistics is sufficient.


We want to focus on SQL after we have mastered Excel and statistics. Without a doubt, data is essential in the life of a data analyst, so you must be skilled in data management, which includes data extraction, transformation, and loading. SQL is an excellent tool for running queries that allow you to manipulate data by storing data, reading data, creating a new table, and deleting old data or garbage. Joins, unions, ordering by, and grouping by should all be considered. As a result, intermediate-level SQL expertise will be obtained.

STEP 3: BI Tools

Data visualisation allows you to tell your story in simple terms that everyone can understand. You can use data visualisation to discover patterns and tell your clients a compelling story. Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Sense are the three most popular industry tools for this. However, learning just one or two tools should be sufficient to make you a competent data analyst. I prefer Tableau because it is more user-friendly and convenient.

Step 4: Programming Languages and Libraries:

The following step is to learn Python for data analysis, and Python is simple to understand. To perform a compelling study, conditionals, loops, functions, read and write, and so on should be covered. If you are already a Python programmer, you can skip this section and concentrate on Python libraries such as Pandas and Matplotlib. Python has this feature for data visualisation. Pandas is required for data analysis, whereas matplotlib lets you visualise your data.


Following the steps outlined above and developing a strong portfolio will help you land a successful data analyst job in six months. Also, don't forget to mention how much you enjoyed reading this article and leave your comments and feedback in the comments section below.

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