Road Map To Become a Full Stack Developer in 2023

Road Map To Become a Full Stack Developer in 2023

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In today's world, the advancement of technologies has been improving day by day and the innovation level has gone to the next step of development in Information technology, Having a piece of knowledge of some of the web technologies will help us to enhance and improve our career in the tech industry, In this article, we gonna go through the Roadmap to become a full stack developer in 2023, You may have doubt there are many technologies but why full-stack development is much essential compared to other programs like Datasciene, Robotics Etc. The reason is in today’s business world every company needs a website/web application to showcase or to educate their product or services to their customers. Website is the first touching point for any business today. The average salary of a Fullstack developer in India is around 5 lakhs per annum to 20 lakhs per annum which is a crazy package Nah 😎.

What is full stack development?

In simple terms, full-stack development is the practice of working on both the front end as well as the back end, Where the frontend works on the client side of the program and the backend works on the server side of the program, Every application has a User Interface and software that accesses the data and we have a database to store the data. Anything a user can see and do some interacting operations on the system User interface is done by the front-end developer, For example, you can take an Instagram website where you click on create a new account which navigates and facilitates you to the Sign Up page. Back-end developers are responsible for managing database queries and Application Program Interface (API). Every time the user requests, it queries the database, retrieves the data from the database, and then sends it back to the users. Coming to the database part, Database is the collection of inter-relative data which helps in the process of efficient retrieval, insertion, updation and deletion of data from the database and organizes the data in the forms of tables, schemas and reports, Fullstack developer should have the capability to handle the functions and operations in a web application.

Why Fullstack?

You may get a question like there are many trending and updated technologies like blockchain, data science, cyber security etc.., But why should I want to learn full stack development specifically? The first thing is being a full-stack developer provides you with multiple job opportunities. Nowadays tech Companies are no longer looking for specialists in specific roles like front and back instead they prefer full-stack developers who are multi-faceted and who can handle them from the initial to the delivery of a project. Another main benefit is full stack developers are highly paid for their multitasking skills and the growth is comparatively high compared to other tech jobs web application skills bring in speed and cost-effectiveness for their businesses. Having good knowledge of the development life cycle helps them to deliver the project in a rapid way. Career growth is in an upward direction for full-stack developers due to their versatility and their productivity, Full-stack engineers generally begin their careers as front-end or back-end developers at the entry level and the career graph moves upwards as their expertise in their technical skills.

How to learn Full Stack development?

To become a professional Full Stack developer you need to learn the concepts in depth from scratch which helps you to build an awesome web application like swiggy or Instagram, At Skillsafari we train students in an Outcome-based learning method and help them. to become job-ready Fullstack developer candidate within 28 weeks, We help you to build a customized portfolio, GitHub profile building, LinkedIn Optimization, soft skills training, and Webinars with Industry sExperts which help you to gain insights into current trends and what's happening in the tech industry. Our Mock interviews help you to crack real interviews without hesitation and self-belief

Overview of program curriculum:

STEP 1: Basics of web Development and an intro to developer tools, Fundamentals of Web Development using HTML, CSS. version control using Git & GitHub.

STEP 2: The most important part of full-stack development is Javascript which acts as the base for web application development, A Fullstack developer should be able to work on the operations of the below-mentioned concepts:

  • Variables

  • Primitive data types

  • Object data types

  • Conditional statements

  • Loops and Iterators

  • Functions

  • DOM

  • DOM events and Event listeners

  • JSON, Asynchronous Javascript

STEP 3: Having an exceptional knowledge of Javascript concepts helps you to get technically stronger and makes Coding fun, Next step is learning a front-end framework, You may hear the word react frequently in the tech industry the reason why people chose react over angular is it's faster scalable and easy to code. you learn in react are

  • Introduction to REACT

  • Setting up REACT with web pack babel

  • React Building Blocks

  • Class Components

  • Life Cycle Methods

  • Stateless Functional Components

  • Props

  • React Router

  • Using 3rd Party Components

STEP 4: Final part of full-stack development is connecting the front and backend, we use NODE JS + EXPRESS + MONGO to connect.

  • Introduction to Back EndProgramming

  • Node JS Fundamental – Event Loop & Call Stack

  • Working with Node JS built-in modules

  • Application Development with Express JS

  • Express Middleware, Express Routing

  • Data Modelling with MongoDB & Mongoose

  • Create, Read, Update & Destroy (CRUD )Operations on DB

  • Security & Authentication

  • Web Sockets

STEP 5: Finally build a final project using the learned technologies and make your first-ever web application...Constantly updating your code in GitHub helps you to learn and recruiters may validate your code, Candidate has to explain the code to an interviewer with portfolio building we too train you in soft skills and prepare you to face the interview in a cooler way…

Concluding with:

Hope you have got an idea about full stack, what it is and why learning the full stack is useful and about the benefits and How to become a full-stack developer, The above-mentioned steps are to be followed to become a Job, ready full-stack developer.

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