Road map to become an MERN STACK Developer in 2023

Road map to become an MERN STACK Developer in 2023

Oct 10, 2022·

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The MERN Stack is one of the most popular stacks which is currently used in web development. According to the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs reports 2022, More than 70 % of the Tech jobs require MERN Stack developers, The demand for MERN stack Developer is quite high and Quality developers are less. In this article, We will guide you about the MERN Stack developer roadmap in detail.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack technologies help to build applications fast, MERN stack denotes MongoDB, Express Js, React Js and Nodejs. Here, React Js is used to build the frontend, Nodejs and Express Js are used to build the backend and MongoDB is used as the database, In MERN stack developers have to be aware of handling everything while developing a Project, Rather than Expert in one Specialization MERN developers need to be Expert in different technologies from Frontend (Client side) to backend ( Server side ) and Databases connectivity, The Average Salary of a MERN developer in India is around 7 Lakhs TO 12 Lakhs Per Annum.

**Why MERN Stack? **

Some of the various stacks are similar to the MERN stack which includes the MEAN and MEVN stacks, But the usage of the MERN stack has increased in recent years, Because of one key feature that's React Js. React Js is a JavaScript library which was developed by Facebook and released in 2013, React Js is the most popular library in the world. The reason why people look for react Js is, that React Js is Fast, modular, scalable and flexible. It simplifies the creation, and managing of application UI and improves overall site performance. React Js is used to build single-page web applications. Some of our Applications like, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp web, and Netflix which we use day in daily life are Built on React Js.

How to become a MERN Stack developer?

Becoming a MERN Stack Developer slightly seems to be difficult with so many different components, It may be difficult for a learner where to start and Where to end, To help guide you towards becoming a MERN Stack developer, Here are the Few Mandatory steps you need to follow to become a successful MERN Stack Developer.

1. Fundamentals of Web Development :

HTML: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is used to create the structure of the Web page. HTML is a standard markup language, It helps instruct the browser on how to display the content on a web page. Some of the tags used in HTML are headings, paragraphs, images etc

**CSS: ** CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets where we can style the text, images, buttons, animations, columns, font, color, size, Spacing Etc... It is responsible for making Web Pages more decorative and responsive.

**JavaScript: ** JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to make web pages more dynamic and interactive like applications and browsers

2.Front and Back end Development :

REACT Js: React.js is an open-source JavaScript library which is used for building UI for single-page applications. React Js allows developers to create large web applications that can able to change data, without even reloading the page.

**NODE Js: ** Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, It allows you to run JavaScript programs to run outside of a web browser and create highly scalable server-side applications. It's open-source and free to use.

**Express Js: ** Express.js is a framework that's used to design the backend of an application. It works inside Node Js to build single-page and hybrid web applications

**MongoDB : ** MongoDB is a NoSQL database. Where you use CRUD Operations on Database (Create, Read, Update & Destroy ) It allows you to store large-scale data and work with it efficiently.


  • Visual studio code

  • GitHub

  • Postman

Conclusion :

Learning all these technologies by self-learning might be difficult so we came up with a solution of a new MERN Stack developer program at Skill Safari, Where you will train by industry experts It’s an** Outcome-based learning Program** where we help you to build a professional portfolio, soft skills training, Webinars with Experts, On the Completion of all the assignment and projects to earn a certificate of MERN STACK Developer Course from Skill Safari. Also, earn a certificate for clearing each module with 100 % placement assistance!!

Happy Coding!!

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