Road map to become an Test Automation Engineer

Road map to become an Test Automation Engineer

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Due to the impact of technology, the software industry has a drastic growth industry in India. Companies have a team of people to handle different components in the development process. The complex technologies used earlier required professionals with an in-depth understanding of every technology. Software testing is the process of evaluating the functionality of the software application to find any software bugs. In this article, We will discuss what test automation engineers do. And a road map to becoming a test automation Engineer.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of evaluating the functionality of the software application to find any software bugs and checks over the developed software meet the specified requirements and identify the defect in the software to deliver a great quality product to the customer, It undergoes the process of verification and validation of the software to meet the requirement of the business.

Who is a Test Automation Engineer and What do they do?

The role of the Test Automation Engineer is to design, build, test and deploy test automation solutions, Execute test cases using an automation tool. The main moto of test automation is to reduce the number of test cases that need to be run manually.

How to Become A Test Automation Engineer?


Having basic software testing knowledge. Without understanding the foundations of the testing you aren't able to either create an automation testing strategy or understand which tests to automate.


Pick one type of technology, for example,

  • Desktop - For the desktop to automate we can use tools like Winappdriver

  • Web - Web applications widely use Selenium and Test complete

  • API or web services -To automate web services or API Postman is widely used

  • Mobile applications- To automate mobile applications Appium and Katalon Studio are widely used

Having a good knowledge of one of these applications is more than enough.


Java and Python are the most used languages for test automation. You can pick any one of them and some of the other used languages are ruby, C#, JavaScript


The choice of the tool depends on the technology that we have picked Initially. If you plan to start learning how to automate web applications, Selenium could be the right candidate.


Automation testing is required when the product has new features is when the testers need to test new features. During that time automation is required to test the existing feature and it covers the main feature and functionality.


Gain an in-depth understanding of DevOps and agile methodologies. As a test automation engineer one needs to understand how you can achieve continuous delivery of new features.


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