Series 2: How to learn Technical Stuff Faster

Series 2: How to learn Technical Stuff Faster

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·Jul 20, 2022·

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Well, It's nice of you to join here. Let me tell you something this attitude and desire to learn is going to shape your future into the most beautiful thing you have ever seen or experienced. Let's see this segment discusses learning through mistakes.

If you're anything like talented developers like me, you are not a person who is really fond of making mistakes. Also, you kind of wants everything to go perfectly the very first time.

Even though this mindset can help you in life and several other fields. For instance, if you're an automotive engineer. One mistake on your side will cost you hundreds of dollars. And as a dentist, you could take away someone's smile forever.

But in a Software career, mistakes are free, it's easy to tab back to our editor, change the code we type in the right thing in our editor and try again. Sometimes we have helpful error messages that can show us the right pathway to us. This is a luxury we certainly can take an advantage of

While following the tutorials, I mess with the codes, instead of just copying and pasting the provided codes, always try to experiment with them. See what happens when you leave out one of the lines. You can try and change some values. Developing the mentality of the scientists. The hypothesis of how a code can work, and test the hypothesis by reorganizing the code structure and observing whether it breaks apart in the way you expect. When you discover that your hypothesis is flawed, it will encourage you to take another direction and do your own research. Most of the time people go deep down the rabbit hole because of this opportunity they face in this experience

This will helps us get clear of the sinister pattern of following a tutorial in a formulated way, just copying & pasting code without understanding what we're doing Learning is a process that has to be active. Poking through at the code will help us build a mental idea of what’s really happening.

The tutorial fading

Many years ago, while I was just beginning all this, I followed this method called "the tutorial fade".

Here's how it actually works: Observe a tutorial, and follow through it step by step. When you are done, take the code to the initial state, and minimize the tab of the tutorial. See how long you can perform without its help or looking at it. Pull the tutorial back up only when you get stuck, but you must minimize it once you have cleared the doubt yourself. Keep doing this until you can finish the tutorial all the way without looking at the instructions. develop the scientist mindset explained above, this will be useful because it enables you to pay attention. The tutorial slowly fades away, and you will be learning how to build something without any guidance This method is very much effective, but not everyone sees the fun in building the same thing again and again. If you've ever struggled to escape from tutorials, it might be definitely worth a shot.

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