Series 3: How to learn Technical Stuff Faster

Series 3: How to learn Technical Stuff Faster

Once again we are here as an extended version of those two amazing blogs which almost made you a genius learning things Now let's go through some interests that will aid you extensively

We start with Mindset cultivation

For example, a guy named Joey Bing used to go bowling with his friends. But he is not really good at it. Most of his balls end up in his gutter. Every time during the end of the game, he will have the lowest score.

There are two different types of perception to address this scenario He is not good at playing bowling and he can never be. Or it’s just not his thing He is not good at bowling for now. But there is a chance for him to become good in the upcoming years.

Always have a self-fulfilling prophecy aspect for this, however, if we interpret this the choice will be correct. You can be good at something or you can get better at something. If you're resilient it will be possible with the right amount of time and effort.

This is why the Mindset is critical for learning new skills immediately, when it comes to software development things can get a little unsmooth during the process. This mindset will help you to build the right amount of confidence about getting things done. It's easy to deal with these situations with reliance, especially when the set of code does not do what we expect.

It's essential for developers to prevent themselves from going on a downward spiral or from developing frustration, self-doubt & imposter syndrome. To see the projects as a fantastic learning experience is the right mindset. Learning productive things always involves struggling initially and achieving the state of peak performance. With a growth mindset, the struggle will be fun and feels like you're doing a good workout.

Building-related projects

Once your job with a project is done, you might be in a stage without having any idea. The only thing you must be focusing on is building similar projects from scratch

For instance, If you buy a chess board, try and build a Japanese chess board model, things like bingo games can be built by your means, and you can definitely build tic-tac-toe. If you have doubt about what to do on subjects that are not covered in the tutorial approach the all-knowing ‘Google’. If you cant crack it set this project aside for some time. Try solving other tutorials you will get there to a place where you realize you have unblocked yourself

There is a way to call on and off process, start an unguided project of completing a clone of Instagram itself or Twitter. Do it on your own, by the end of this you won't be having anything left to learn

Due to this phenomenal progress, it is very important to maintain the right balance. Some primarily focus on guided learning and some will build anything by learning unguided progress. It's essential to balance both ways of the learning process. Not trying to promote but we at Skill Safari designed our curriculum completely based on this belief and practice systems.

Happy learning everyone, hope all these words we hared here would have sharpened your perception and effectiveness in learning new stuff

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