Significance of Data structure and Algorithms

Significance of Data structure and Algorithms

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·May 30, 2022·

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As soon as, you came across this topic the first thing that would cross your mind is, why should? and what could be the reason for this discussion? These so-called data structures and algorithms are the basic foundations of programming. It's essential to understand how they actually work before attempting to learn any coding languages. Also, structures and algorithms are constant but languages are temporary in the field of programming.

The only way to make the development process of a software application efficient is through the use of data structures to store, and organize data in a logical manner and algorithms are nothing but the method we apply to perform the task. These two are the main source of reason for how mobile phones and computers make wise decisions and function efficiently.

Anyway, even after all this some programmers don't really value the importance of these and don't really pay any attention to them because they are complex and totally unrelated to modern programming. This is a counterproductive thought.

You can be a better programmer by understanding structures and algorithms and how they work. This will aid you by providing an edge and set you up for top-notch careers. Well, it's time to discuss what role data structures and algorithms play in solving real-world problems.

Understanding them will help developers understand the actual problems on a deeper level and allow them to create logical solutions to resolve these problems. And their usage is not only limited to computing.

People are using them to perform mediocre tasks with them in their day-to-day lives. If we go through the word “Programming” in the dictionary. One way to find this is by going through every word from the first page by performing a linear search. We are not doing that, are we? Instead, we use a binary search algorithm, without even knowing it. The act of jumping straight to the middle page of the dictionary and comparing the words from there. We ignore other alphabetically lower words on that page right away and find the word we are looking for by repeating the process

Here our brain decides whether to ignore the words on right or left of the book. Like this, data structures and algorithm helps a developer to break down real-world issues into small steps by applying them to a framework. Imagine how books are arranged in different sections of a large library, iF that precise arrangement was not the case people would be scratching their heads trying to find their book of requirement among thousands of books. Just because they are presented in a specific genre and subject with the author's name it's just a reasonable effort to find it

Well without understanding the fundamentals of data structure and algorithms, it's really tougher to achieve the status of a master programmer. Just ask any senior programmer whether they have a clue about this basic stuff in computer science. This is the way how nerdy recruiters filter the best out of the better from the candidate they deal with while taking people into their hive.

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