Skills you need to get hired as a developer

Skills you need to get hired as a developer

Being a novice developer, it's not quite easy to grab an opening position in the software industry. One thing you have to remember is that every senior developer who has a successful career started just like the position where you are now. Every single dimension of this product-based industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and norms. This is one of the main reasons for the uncertainty among new developers about what companies are expecting from them

Everything in the current industry run with complete reliance on software, and your career scope too. According to a LinkedIn report for 2021 software and Java developers ranked the top two positions for job requirements.

This means competition is getting really high as a budding developer you need to stand out from all the applicants, And fit the requirements of a firm

So, what are the traits actually these recruiters from leading firms look for?

Programming fundamentals

Basic skills in coding. These are nothing but companies needing to understand why instead of what. They have to know whether you are using the right logic to the problems. They want to understand your thought process and how you process insights during technical rounds. This is the reason why most companies ask basic questions about data structures and algorithms. So that you can come up with innovative solutions for the kinds of stuff they are building.


You got no clue how big of a deal it can be, programmers are petrified of this, all due to the complexity involved in this process. But tech firms require people who are not afraid to immerse themselves into the code and squash those bugs

To get to know whether you are comfortable with testing your recruiter may ask you to write some sample cases. An interviewee must be capable of writing Unit tests and the framework for testing Before they are ready to code. This is one of the best ways to resolve the big issue by preventing beforehand.

Understanding browser tools

A website or online hybrid application you build may look different across a variety of browsers. You might need to know how to maintain consistency. Familiarizing with browsers allows developers to customize webpages according to the browser's feel and theme. Also, Understanding the need and essentiality of developing apps with responsive design is very important. So, the product will adjust to different screens type of devices across the world.

Adapting to different Tech Stacks

Every day we get introduced to new technologies and tools. They all developed to compete with each other in terms of features and functionality. Even companies are building private tools to handle internal requirements. Sometimes they even develop their previous projects on a different tech stack For example, you might have learned MERN stack but the firm you want it to get in might use MEAN. Obviously, they are not going to wait for you to get familiarized with MEAN. It’s always better to adapt faster.

The person who is in charge of hiring you will assess this certain quality Here are some tips to improve your adaptability

  • • Be proficient in Data structures & Algorithms
  • • Learn through imagination - get yourself clear about the logic behind concepts

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