Soft skills that will guide you to success at work

Soft skills that will guide you to success at work

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·May 27, 2022·

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Hi everyone, after all the brief discussions we had about jobs and how to get yourself placed there?... Now we are about to see some very crucial information on how to be a better person in a working environment. Earning compassion and respect for your colleague is depended on these particular personality traits. Your ability to communicate with prospective clients and teammates will help to get your job done effectively.

Softskills is are nothing but personality traits that help employees communicate efficiently.

Communication Skills

There is a common misconception about coders not needing communication skills. That's an effective way to stuck in a mediocre position in your firm. Because you won't have the capacity to explain things to non-technical co-workers. And some make the mistake of using jargon words and making others feel like troglodytes

Remember this the purpose of using language is to make others understand your ideas clearly. If that's not happening through the conversation you're having. The result will look like a 404 error in the other person's mind.

Not only is speaking out, but a good developer must also be good at listening. Asking the right questions to the right person will help you to gain productive solutions. When you are working with the end product, you have to work along with analysts and designers on a daily basis.

Critical thinking

This is something very common in the curriculum of western nations. But being critical in nature our country's education system seems to avoid it entirely. Developing software is entirely about solving real-world problems. So, It is essential for a developer to have the ability to face the issues head-on and use different techniques to solve them. Be more critical about their own work like how it's going to exist for a long time. Just don't call it a day once you are done writing it, test the solution on different parameters.

Some skills of critical thinking are:-

  • Dividing large goals into smaller ones
  • Examining the coding with different perceptions

Respecting Deadlines

This is not simple as it sounds, it's even considered one of the rarest qualities in the IT industry. You should have the necessary skills to pick up a project and see it done from beginning to end within the fixed deadline.

It all depends on the individual and their way of working and the level of resources they are dealing with. Programmers lack the incentive of not overspending time on the specific part of the project in time. Every single time when you are up for a new job. The firm will assess your portfolio for the number of successful projects you have completed on time and the ones you have mentioned in your GitHub Profile

These are very few of the basic parameters which will be a part of your recruitment or promotion process. Not being a pain for others is far more essential for a working professional to grow in his active industrial environment.

Skill Safai’s Career placement training is completely based on preparing our students to develop these personal skills. This is why most of our alumnus are very much successful in their respective careers.

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