The Journey of Skill Safari

The Journey of Skill Safari

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·Jun 5, 2022·

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Were we started …

We started our journey to revolutionize the education system in India in the year 2020. The timing was fortunate for us by completing our first through the middle of January and April a hot head hunting season for IT recruiters. We managed to get more than 200 students placed in their desired roles in the industry. The Highlight of this achievement is they all are young graduates, but their packages were all around 5 to 10 LPA. So far we have helped so many students to achieve their dreams and our placement rate is 92% across all the batches. We have dealt with many students who had no clue about coding or anything to do with a computer background and helped them to become professionals. Our highest salary package was around 25LPA for one of our students.

Even in our last year's career placement program in July, August and September, We managed to achieve 100% placement for all the graduates enrolled. And here we are not talking about people from cosmopolitan towns. 70% of our intake was from remote areas around Coimbatore. We might have witnessed more than hundreds of students sharing their heartwarming stories about how their life completely changed after they joined Skill Safari.

What we do

To be honest, Skill Safari is a company that does something different. It was founded with a mission to find and help students who have got their opportunities denied due to their circumstances. We really root out the disparity between opportunities for talented students. This is why we don't place any prerequisites for admissions into our courses. We make our students become ready for the most demanded jobs in the industry despite their backgrounds and knowledge in technology. We pick our income share agreement models for the same because we believe that investing in talent is the actual accountability of success. It's quite a rare thing to be seen in modern-day educational institutions today. Right now we have more than 300+ hiring partners who are ready to hire our graduates at the end of every term throughout the year.

Want to know what are the things that actually contributed to the sudden shift in IT?. Why do students flock to us every year seeking skill development and valid placement for their future careers in technology?

One of the main reasons is Skill Safari can make you crave knowledge for the rest of your life. There are hundreds of sources available online for someone who wants to learn how to code. It's a rapid process too, but if you want to survive and grow in the ever-evolving tech world. you must be capable of learning new languages and tech stacks that are introduced to the industry every day. Skill Safari is known for educating the students on how to learn effectively. This is why students who are not related to technology and are completely from different backgrounds can learn from us We really don't think that software development jobs are exclusive to computer science graduates.

Also, we really don’t encourage spoon-feeding and giving points after the completion of every project. After course completion, our students go on and learn more tools and technologies on top of their own course curriculum and continue to develop their talent in their workplaces

The ultimate reason for this is people who get trained from us learn everything by mastering their fundamental framework.

To know more about us visit We are always looking forward to helping young minds to achieve their dreams...

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