The New Revolution Of Indian HealthCare - Unified Health Interface (UHI)

The New Revolution Of Indian HealthCare - Unified Health Interface (UHI)

Nov 22, 2022·

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In a country like India, The advancement of technology improvement and Digitalization leads to drastic improvement in the economy it takes down some of the world's powerful giant companies recent example of that is UPI (Unified Payments Interface ) is a system that helps users to use multiple banks accounts into a single mobile App and merge it with several banking features for all types of payments, And Business, users can use merchant payments. The rise of UPI in India is beyond expectations UPI makes the end user payments easier with some Payment mobile applications from small-scale Chai Shop to Large scale Businesses using UPI for their payment, UPI transactions in 2021 stood at 73 Lakh Cr, The number has raised more than 110% compared to 2020, However, the transaction volume in the first 10 months of 2022 has already crossed 105% of the UPI transaction volume in 2021 UPI made payments easier likewise In this Article we are going to see about an upcoming revolution in Indian health industry which is about Unified Health Interface (UHI )

What is UHI?

UHI maybe seems to be a new word to you, UHI is called Unified Health Interface, It was introduced in India by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji and it comes under Ayshmann Bharat Digital Health Mission Scheme where a Unique health Id will be provided to each and every citizen by Using our personal details like Aadhar, Mobile number and Id will be provided where you will be able to get each and every health record of the person.

Why UHI?

The Unified Health interface is an open network designed to bring a revolutionary change in the healthcare industry, UHI is made to solve the problems in the existing Healthcare Ecosystem the first and foremost issue is the lack of accessibility to the database.

Let’s understand it with an Example:

Assume a patient is suffering from cancer the number of medicines, x-rays, scans, medication and treatments he/she undergoes will be a bunch of files, Worst case people may tend to lose those medical history details, If a doctor doesn’t know the past medication of a patient it becomes an issue for some patients, To resolve these issues UHI will be helpful.

How UHI Works?

UHI is a tool like UPI where in UPI we all have a UPI ID, In UHI we will have a UHI Id which holds all the data, By starting off with users having an Id, Healthcare professionals have a registry and healthcare facility registry, After verification of these we can download an app like a phone pe, For UHI you will get an app and in it, you will have all your data, This helps the doctor to analyze the patient without confusion and go through all of the patient medical records, In this case, we can take a real time example where a person who meets with an accident by just tapping his UHI id Healthcare people can get the data of the patient and give him treatment accordingly to it.

Benefits of UHI ?

Some of the Common benefits of UHI are it makes a huge difference and save the lives of people

  • Accessibility of all the records is easier and we can check over the availability of medicines, vaccines and ambulances nearby.
  • Check whether the treatment for a specific issue is available or not.
  • When a healthcare patient is out of the station he/she can give advice to a patient from even 2000km far away by checking the patient's Id
  • Getting over the Health Insurance process will be an ease, By just one Tap !
  • Since 2016 Digital India has been evolving a lot in tech Industries, After UHI it makes an impact in Healthcare and Its Motto is to give great Treatment to Every citizen of India

Concluding With …

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