Tim Berners-Lee & The Web we all know

Tim Berners-Lee & The Web we all know

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·Jul 6, 2022·

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Have ever used the term ‘’www’’ It's quite impossible to see that someone is not familiar with this term Can even imagine a world without it, seriously I cant Mr. Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea of creating the world wide web He was born in London at the year of 1955. He developed a natural affinity toward computers in his early life. In an interview, he mentioned that this interest was made possible by his parent's involvement in early computers. He obtained his degree from Oxford University and started his career as a software engineer at CERN.[ yes, yes that big physics lab in Geneva, Switzerland ]. While he was working there, he realized that there was a crucial issue existing among scientists. They were unable to pass information to each other in an effective manner. Because it required them to log in and out of different computers every time they had to get some new information. Tim decided to work his way up to find a relevant solution to resolve this issue. He understood that it's easy for millions of computers to share information with each other with a new technology called hypertext. In March 1989, He presented this idea of the web in a document titled information management. Even though all the professionals in the organization did not accept his proposal immediately his boss allowed him to continue to work on this project. Almost after a year and half time in October 1990, Tim came up with three widely used technologies of today [ HTML, URL, HTTP ] You know what its really something that he created the web but he also made it royalty-free. Today, we don't really have to pay a single coin to anyone to use the internet with ‘’www’’ Sir Tim Berners Lee gets the credits for this.

He had revolutionized the tech world with this invention. For this great achievement, he received the royal medal in 2000 and the order of the British Empire in 2004 and recently he got Turing ward in 2017.

The World Wide Web we all know today is a network that actually interlinks documents that are uploaded online. With a proper internet connection, a person can view these informative webpages on an online web browser and navigate across them using hyperlinks and connections. World Wide Web had directly affected business and commerce for the last few decades by creating endless possibilities.

  1. It created a presence
  2. Provided different areas with Networking
  3. Made it easy to exchange business information
  4. Most of all it is convenient
  5. Improves the level of availability

Plenty of amazing amount of benefits that were available with the World Wide Web. Not only does it enable you to access information from, well, but you can also be basically anywhere and makes friends from across the world. The web gives you the ability to access any data from any location as long as it's stored on the web. This widely benefited education of the people across the world. Web benefited us by making us communicate effectively. Seriously guys letters took forever to reach but emails are quite instant. The list of pros and benefits never ends, the web actually shaped civilization and the way humans evolved into a better version of themselves.

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