Top 5 Features of Angular js

Top 5 Features of Angular js

Feb 25, 2023·

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AngularJs is an open-source JavaScript front-end framework that was developed and managed by Google’s Angular team. Angular is a popular client-side framework that is used for mobile and web applications for developing scalable and high-performing applications using technologies like HTML, CSS, and TypeScript. The latest version of Angular is Angular 14 which will be released in June 2022.

Key Features of AngularJs :

MVC Framework :

The process of building applications is done by combining different modules and those modules perform operations using some logic even though they are initialized differently from each other. Even Though those modules are connected by some logic, In this case developers need to build components separately and have to combine them by performing some logical operations to fix them in a single application. To overcome this large set of processes MVC Framework is used, MVC elements which are developed separately are combined automatically using AngularJS Framework. There is no need for developers to write extra code to fit all the elements together and saves lots of time in deployment

Data Binding :

AngularJS uses the Model-View-Controller method where the system connects and binds the Model and View. Both the layers are subject to continuous updates to stay in sync with one another and the changes made in the Interface will have a contiguous consequence on the application and changes and the consequences take place in a real-time environment.

Unit Testing:

Unit Testing helps users to experience high-quality applications. In Unit Testing, the code is divided into small testing parts that help to debug the bugs in the code and fix them in a shorter span in an easier way. The angular team in google has not only developed an angular framework they also do develop a testing framework called karma which effectively performs the unit testing operations on the application

User Interface With HTML:

AngularJS uses Hyper Text Markup Language to build the user interface(UI). Since HTML is a simple language that uses short tags and gives an organized User Interface, HTML is provided with special attributes. Whereas JavaScript Interfaces are more complicated to develop and reorganize.

Less Code:

Compared to other frameworks AngularJs requires less amount of coding. Since HTML is a simple coding language it has more tags and attributes to perform and data binding has compressed the time of moving the data manually to the view. No Need of writing different codes for different sets of applications, Writing a single code for an application makes the task done in an effective way like writing one application and used over different kinds of platforms. The above points together help to reduce the time of deployment and make the project work cost-effectively and save a large amount of time for developers.

Developed by Google:

Google always comes up with world-class awesome products. Among those is the Angular framework, AngularJS is developed, maintained and updated by a bunch of great minds across the globe who can identify and fix the bugs happening with the language.

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