Top 5 Features of React js

Top 5 Features of React js

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React is a front-end Javascript library that is used to build User Interfaces which was developed by Facebook in 2013, Currently React is one of the most popular front-end libraries used in the web development industry, React uses server-side rendering to provide a flexible and performance-based solution. React works on the principle of “Learn Once, Write Anywhere” that's why React has become the most prioritized choice for developers when it comes to building fast and scalable applications. The whole React Js is maintained by Facebook communities and individual developers. In this article, we will go through React and about Key Features of React Js in a detailed way.

Key Features of React Js

Javascript XML:

Javascript Xml is a recommended markup syntax that describes the appearance of the interface of the app. HTML- like syntax processed into Javascript calls the react framework makes it easier to write and add HTML in react, JSX converts Html tags into react elements that are used to create React components by developers.

Virtual DOM:

Virtual DOM is a representation of the original Document Object Model (DOM), Virtual DOM works like a one-way data binding whenever a web application is modified then the entire UI is re-rendered again by the virtual DOM application and it checks over the changes done between the previous Dom and New Dom. It helps the application to work faster, costs are taken in the development and avoids the wastage of memory

Reduced File Size:

The file size of the latest react versions is quite smaller than the previous versions. It creates flat bundles to the different targeted structures which results in a great performance in terms of size & runtime and increases performance.


Each and Everything you build with react is called a component. In React Js a web page is ultimately divided into many components. Every component defines the functionality of a web application page. React Js is made up of multiple components and each of the components has its logic and controls. Components are independent of each and reusable of code, While working on large-scale projects this component helps you to maintain the code

One-way Binding:

If a data flow is in another direction then it requires additional features which is because components are supposed to be immutable and the data within them cannot be changed over. Controlling of data flow from a single point that's achieved with a Javascript app architecture component is called Flux, Flux pattern helps you to keep data in a Unidirectional format. It gives better control throughout the application.

Simplicity :

Being a component-based application approach it makes the code reusable as the developer needs and makes the application simple where react finds out what changes have to be made and changes the things that need to be changed as simple as that.

Declarative UI:

Declarative UI features help the React code be more readable and the process of fixing bugs becomes easier. React JS is the best platform to develop UIs that can build best and engage not just web apps, but mobile apps too.

Concluding with…

Having a deep knowledge of React is mandatory to become a full-stack developer because of the scalability, faster development and faster deployment. Companies prefer to React due to its immense benefits to developers.

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