Understand API in 3 Minutes: Tutorial for beginners

Understand API in 3 Minutes: Tutorial for beginners

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Have you ever thought about how apps let you create an account or log in using your google credentials and how to google weather gets to know about today's weather forecast, A simple answer to these questions is they talk to each other systems to get the data and then they verify your credentials and the way they both systems talk to each other is called as API. In this article we will get to know about what is API, Why API is needed and How API works with an example, Let’s Start to discuss API in detail 😉

What is an API?

API stands for Application Program Interface, It’s a software interface that allows the two types of applications to interact with each other without any type of user invasion. Application program Interface is a collection of software functions and some procedures. API is a software code that can be executed. It's a code that helps two different software to communicate and exchange data with each other.

Why is API Important?

API helps to embed content from any website or web application in an effective way. The application program Interface helps you to access data from app components. The data generated can also be published automatically. API allows the user to customize the content and services which they use the most. Software needs to change over time, It helps to anticipate changes.

Types of API :

Open APIs − OpenAPI is also known as a Public API. It has no restrictions to accessing these APIs since they are publicly available. Accessibility of these APIs is easier, Uber uses Google API to access the maps.

Partner APIs − A developer needs a license to access this type of API since they aren’t publicly available. Partner APIs can be accessed only by authorized developers.

Internal APIs− Internal APIs are hidden from external users. Internal APIs are implemented for internal use within an organization. Organizations use Internal API to improve their products and it can be accessed by only internal teams.

Composite APIs − Composite APIs are used to combine different data and services APIs. By using Composite API developers can access several endpoints in a single call. The main advantage of the Composite API is used to speed up the execution and improve the performance of the end user.

How does the API work?

API may look like a block of code. But in real APIs are much more than that. APIs are the central part of a web application and server. The application is located on the front end, Where the front-end developers will make sure of change tabs and Clickable buttons the application uses the API to meet the request demanded, But after clicking it has come to the correct page, Front end developer will interact with backend developers and send which API has to be called and then API should send a call to the server to make a request. APIs must know how to talk to the databases and servers and get data whenever a request is made.

Conclusion :

The above-mentioned points make you come to an understanding of the Application Programming Interface(API).

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