Understand MVC Architecture in 3 Minutes: Tutorial for beginners

Understand MVC Architecture in 3 Minutes: Tutorial for beginners

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As a Fullstack developer you may come across the word MVC Architecture many times, MVC Architecture means Model View Controller. Model View Controller is a software design pattern that can be used across frameworks and with lots of programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. MVC is widely used to design web and mobile applications. To work with complex web apps, full-stack developers use some types of design patterns to lay out the projects and to execute less complex codes. In this article, we will go through What Mvc is and How Mvc Architecture works.

What is MVC Architecture?

MVC Architecture is used in the development of User Interfaces (UI), It helps to make the process of the developer in an easier way by partitioning the implementation program logic into several parts which are model, view and controller which are interconnected with each other to work in the process of separation of the information presented by the users and the information accepted by the users, The architecture of the MVC consists of its working components and also it contributes much to the functioning of the User Interface (UI).

The Model View Controller Architecture pattern:

Model: The model is mainly used to store and manage data

View: View is mainly used to perform Graphical User Interface operations and the view is the visual representation of the data- like a chart, diagram, table, form Etc…and the view contains functionalities to interact with users like clicking a button.

Controller: The controller is the most important soul of the functionalities it helps to connect with the model and view. It performs operations to convert inputs from the view to demand and updates data into the model.

How does MVC Architecture work?

Let’s understand the MVC Architecture with an example:

Let’s assume you are going to a restaurant. You won’t straight away go to the kitchen and prepare food like how you do in your home. Instead, you will go there and wait for a waiter to come in. A waiter comes to you then you will pick dishes and order food. The waiter doesn’t know any kind of information about you. Waiter simply takes notes of the dishes you order.

The waiter goes to the kitchen and the waiter does not prepare the food. Cook prepares the food you ordered. But the waiter has given your order to cook along with your table serial number. Cook prepares food. He uses some of the ingredients to cook. Assume that you order a Fried chicken. Then he needs well-shaped slides of chicken, corn powders, ketchup and oil to fry etc. which he sources out from the refrigerator and cooks finished and delivers the outcome food to the waiter. Then the waiter moves the food out of the kitchen. Now the waiter knows the food you have ordered and knows how they are served. In this example You act as a viewer, the Waiter acts as a Controller, Cook is a Model and the final Refrigerator is the Data.

Advantages of MVC:

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) friendly.

It offers full HTML and URL control while designing a web application

Maintenance of code becomes easy

Helps to provide a good understanding of code by separating it into 3 types

It provides a great separation of concern

Disadvantages of MVC:

Having real-time difficulties reading, changing, testing, and reusing.

Due to its complexity, it’s not suitable for small applications

Data is accessed insufficiently.

Have difficulties in reusing and modification in the model.

Knowledge of multiple technologies is required

Conclusion :

The above-mentioned points are brief about MVC Architecture and its advantages and disadvantages. Do you feel any advantages or disadvantages I left? Share it in the comment section…

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