Views on the educational system of  India - by Skill Safari

Views on the educational system of  India - by Skill Safari

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·May 28, 2022·

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Generally, the educational method of our country is seen as inferior to many nations around the world. Especially when compared to the UK, US and Gulf countries. For some reason everyone in our country agrees with this, but do you know why? and

why do we believe only our way of teaching can make a student an expert in just 6 to 7 months' time. Which is a hard accomplishment after years of education.

Just go through the following lists of decryption of facts

  • First of all, Our traditional system of education is theory-based and sometimes zero present practical. Thus ending all possible sources of knowledge gained by creativity. Skill Safari's method of teaching is completely based on inducing creativity in students and making them experts on their own terms.
  • Also, this cycle of getting knowledge through the completion of a degree has become a formality in India, We really do encourage pushing students into getting a degree in Engineering or Medical stream to learn something. If getting a degree is not a learning process, I really don't believe it has a purpose.
  • We really need to incorporate an education system that contains several parts of art and sports with everyday education. In the west sports is big deal just as music and theatre in the syllabus. In Australia, sports are like everything. But we somehow successfully cramp our talented athletes into Bpo’s and sales jobs by providing no room for extracurricular activities in schools.
  • When it comes to choices made by students about their future, almost everyone has their opinion except that students. And this non-negotiable rule of them has to become an engineer or a doctor. Of course, we teach Full-stack development for youngsters. But only we know how many of our students are from different platforms and it's not really easy to get placed in 5 LPA, as a fresher if you are not interested in what you're doing.
  • Also, from the school kids are forced to be victims of admission trends formed by private universities. Following this demand cut short method to fill the admission is really affecting the mindset of youngsters, who are passionate about computer science but are forced to take other branches of engineering.
  • In our country, students are forced to memorize several unrelated facts and un-coordinated figures for sake of nothing. All memory of those thousand equations you dubbed out along with birth dates and years of history mean nothing today with “Alexa” in hand.
  • It just doesn't make sense to make a full stack developer study about elements and chemical equations.
  • One thing no one can beat us is teaching our younger generation about older technologies. Our education system has not changed much since the 1920s. This means no one in our country was educated to prepare for future requirements for almost the past century. I can still show you, school kids, reading about the implementation of LOGO in computer science classes.
  • Finally, we still believe grades and certificates as the appropriate measure of talent. And things like getting into IIT and IIMs, instead of believing in skills, Most of the countries outside India have lost the way of idolizing institutional glory.

There can be many things said about why we are bad, but now it's time to face the issue and encourage skill-based learning. Skill Safari is one of the initiatives to challenge and change the mentality of Indians about being able to memorize more is not the only way to success in our country. That's why We focus on practical methods of teaching and raising our students to the level of experienced professionals during their time and duration of the course offered by us.

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