What is coding and How does it Work? Section 1

What is coding and How does it Work? Section 1

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What is coding and How does it Work?

If you're one of the smart minds wondering about this, Don't feel shy, you belong to a massive crowd of geniuses in this world. Because most of the smart minds around the world don't really understand what scripting is Let's dive deep into learning about the building blocks of programming.

Don't is important almost every modern device depends on it to function effectively. The way things work cans seems a little complicated. But if someone who loves coding breaks it down. It's actually simple. As you know people who make code are called coders or developers. They create all kinds of websites, applications and games. Let's see what code is and what its purpose of it is. And especially how to learn it.

What is code?


The computers have their own way of communication and it's called machine code, we can use it to command them, it quite makes very senseless to human beings. Every number and variable is telling the system to change something in its memory. That can be a number of a word or a teeny part of a picture or video, Computers don't really have the ability to do things by themselves. It's mostly the job of the programmers to present it with predictive instructions.

It's possible to learn Mchine code, but it will take a considerable amount of time, But now, We humans have an easy way to communicate with our beloved machines

What is a programming language?


This looks kinda neat doesn't it, a easier form to understand, the picture above says how to instruct a computer system to say hello world. Programming languages provide an interface between programmers and computers. The image above instructs the system using a language called python. All the existing languages work in the same way.

First write a code to tell the system what to do: print (‘’Hello, world”). The code is compiled, Which is nothing but machine code a computer can understand The execution of the code is done by the computer [ its memory changes ] and it writes Hello, World back to us

There are hundreds of different available programming languages which can be really confusing to a person looking from outside. But they all do the same thing. A developer types in what they want and the compiler turns the instruction into the language the computer understands. Then your request is done by the computer. Which is nothing but the execution of the code as per the programmer’s term.

Each script is designed to carry out a specific task. That might be to fetch an image is a required size. it could lay a certain sound or music. Even when you click like on someone's post it is the script that makes that happen.

But the computer will do the same thing what we say to it. It can so so beneficial, but this call also causes some minor issues. If a developer commands it to count upwards and doesn't tell t to stop, it will keep counting forever. Knowing what to tell a computer to act is a good ability for a programmer.

What is a program?

Programs are the fundamental building bricks of a computer as they are responsible for like every single operation that is performed by the computer. It's the set of certain instructions coding during the programming process of the software development process. The computer system is useless without that programming,

Programmers create software [ software that can be recognized as a website or an application for a user ]. The program will go through the process of testing and debugging before it becomes available to the user in the form of a package of software that can be simply installed on the device.

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