What is coding and How does it Work? Section 2

What is coding and How does it Work? Section 2

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As the follow-up to the awesome blog previously posted by us, Let's see

Is it Hard to code

Nope, coding can be very simple, and it's possible for anyone to learn the basics of it. For example, think of coding like books in a library. Some are easy to read and some are filled with complex words that make no sense. Irrelevant to the difficulty they are all books The more you read the better you get, The more complicated language will be easier to understand one day.

Learning how to code is the same. The first attempt to code will be quite difficult, but with every attempt you make you get better. If learning programs is hard you can still grasp the crucial basics ists using a visual coding language. It's possible for you to make your own Mario game without typing a single line of code


The picture here shows a script called hello_name. Like we said previously one line of code can make a system print to the screen. now instead of that saying hello world. Do you want the computer to greet the person by his name? Let's see what happens here

When the script function starts to process the computer prins[asks] the question to the screen. After that, the system waits for the user to offer an input, which is their name and saves that Them ‘’Hello’’ prints to the screen. but this time with the saved name In the window above the script compiles and executes using python. The script ran just the way it is defined before it exits

The example above shows a code entered in the code editor, which is Cmder a type of terminal window, you don't have to be concerned about any of these things, for now, You are now familiar with how a code in python looks like and the way a script works.


If you are completely new to coding, you may still have some doubts regarding the way how scripts work. in the given image the window placed on the left side is a tool used to turn Python scripts into programs. The window placed on the right has an icon called hello_name.exe. It's a simple guess about what will happen if you click that


You saw the process from not having code to a finished program. The example shared is really simple, but this is how coding works. Every day, people use programming languages they know to write code, They all become programs as well.

Coding is the coolest thing to do

With these articles in the series, you could have gained a basic understanding and a decent exposure to this discipline with Python examples. Coding is for everyone not bound to age or background and Python can be a good palace to start your coding career as it was the leading language in the world. However, getting to know other languages in programming and other aspects of coding is always optional

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