Why do companies Hire Skill Safari students?

Why do companies Hire Skill Safari students?

A recent survey from India’s major hiring platforms like Indeed and Linkedin says that 80% of tech firms hire people from skill development schools like Skill Safari. The reason behind this is said to be the work rate quality and growth obtained as a result of employing them.

Also, the actual situation of education in our country does not tell an impressive story. Millions of fresh graduates every year face the struggle of finding the right job for their actual capacity. And literally, it's not their mistake. All this eventually boils down to the lack of skill-based syllabus in India. We have outdated syllabuses and ancient techniques of teaching. On the other hand, the job market is filled with vacant jobs awaiting for right candidates with adequate skills to perform the task To deal with this huge gap between skilling and employment. The Skill Development platforms like Skill Safari have emerged in India with a primary focus on helping students with their outcome-based learning and skills development training

Skill Safari itself has dealt with thousands of students and helped them to get skilled and get hired by hundreds of leading tech companies There were some stories about some companies fighting for Skill Safari graduates.

The only ultimate reason for this is

We give importance to practical skills over theory. Memorizing stuff is a wasteful process because it's like cancer-producing all that computer science graduates do without having them write a single line of code. None of them are equipped with the skills to survive in industry education. Anyway, that's never a case with Skill Safari. Students work more than that in our 1000-hour course. And everything is collaboratively set up in a real-time working environment. They see and learn from their instructors to deal with issues and attempt to solve them independently. Our assignments that are given to the students on a regular basis are crafted to aid them to sharpen their skills. By applying creativity and analytical thinking to the projects. We make sure that they gain proficiency with hardcore technical skills

With the completion of every unit, students are encouraged to see the prospects of their team-based projects. We make them start to develop their own front-end and back-end applications. As the curriculum moves forward they all get skilled enough to build their full-stack websites.

By the end of the course, they will have outstanding projects to justify their talent as a programmer. Our industry experts make sure that the portfolio is valued more like the real-time work experience terms by strictly evaluating and providing suggestions based on their own wide experience.

Skill Safari’s students have a strong understanding of fundamentals

For us, it's never about students passing the units. we apply advanced learning strategies to make sure that our students get well versed with fundamental concepts like data structures and algorithms You can not pass through as you did in college just by memorizing stuff in a rote based degree securing a learning environment We evaluate you under different parameters like our every unit is in a sequential order where one is more advanced than the other. Also, we apply so many new techniques to teach by engaging students' imagination and aptitude. Modern tech firms are in dire need of candidates who can just feel easy to adapt to new technologies and frameworks with their understanding of core fundamentals.

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