Why edtech is the next big thing in India?

Why edtech is the next big thing in India?

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Ashok Kumar Krishna
·May 14, 2022·

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Hi Everyone, It feels great to share another valuable insight I came across while snooping through the internet with you all,

People who are in a conundrum about entering the ed-tech industry for a job or expanding their business venture should really see these texts through the end.

You might wonder what could possibly cause this

One main reason for the multiple economists to forecast this industry of teaching people is going to be bigger than e-commerce is the distress caused by traditional education.

Every single member of the youngest generation even billionaires to common folk started to remark on the worst side of the traditional education system. None of them want to go through their college again especially, they don't want this for their kids,

Also, people see a better way of learning new things effectively through the big thing called e-learning. One of the real prospects actually granted by the evolution of the web to human beings.

And like we hope where there is a web there is an Indian guy making profit from it

India has ranked 3rd most countries in the world to have more startups , but the surprise factor here is that almost 25% of them are intertwined with education for their welfare

Yes, all community colleges in world countries encourage their students to learn the project and pressure handling from IT professionals in India and Pakistan. Even Money heist had featured hackers from these countries helping the professor to pull a world-class heist.

That's how good we are at coding. Jen Easterly former **cyber security head of [ CISA] says no country in this world can win cyberwarfare with India. Which will have billions of active coders in hand by 2030.

With this trend, we can be 100% sure that young people of the modern world will flock to our online platforms. Just to sharpen their skills in hardcore programming

This is one of the main reasons for our Indian government to invest more in edtech industry than ever. Also, we can ignore the fact number of students in India also increasing rapidly and with them, the demand for good standard education is also out of reach. For instance, the recently launched Swayam program provides free online education for millions of students

Let's not start with what's really happening in the private sector big hands of Facebook and Reliance are competing to grab hold of the next opportunity in the largest consumer market in the world.

Startups like Skillsafari focus mostly on expanding our borders across the country to create quality coding for the next generation. Unlike the traditional way of teaching which makes students observe and memorize algorithmic structures. We handle things with a personal touch and the practical application towards building new software

Many parents and students are going to benefit from this growth, this may even cause some sudden career shift trend amongst youngsters in our country, Because getting placed in IT industry is no longer restricted to your educational background, but one the intensity of the skills you possess

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