Why GitHub is Important?

Why GitHub is Important?

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In the IT software development industry you might have heard the word GitHub, GitHub is a repository hosting service for Git which has a web-based graphical interface.GitHub can be divided into Git and Hub. Where “Git” specifies the version control system, It is a tool that allows developers to track the changes in their code. The word “Hub” itself refers to the bunch or more than a bunch of people who are the collaborative effort of the community, in reviewing, improving, and Solving errors in the uploaded code. In this article, we will go through What GitHub, and Git commands and Why is GitHub Important.

What is Github?

You may have heard the term SAAS much in the tech world compared to FOSS, Foss is nothing but Free Open Source Software. Open source software is always free and anyone can change the code to make it their own version of the software where the code is being transferred over CD in the old days where this method was not viable so they came up with a solution with a website where you can use it as an open space champion cloud-based platform. GitHub helps to merge the code instantly with thousands of branches of projects and with built-in project planning CI / CD.

Why is GitHub important?

Most tech companies will use a Version Control System to make an organized user interface (UI) GitHub platform. You may get a question: why do they use Github for that ?, In simple terms project development is not done by a single team it's done by several teams like Frontend and Backend teams they store their code in Github using some Github commands, That set of code is only used in the build in of the project, Imagine in a worst-case If an error or down happens for a website it affects the users, We will have a history of code where we can go to the previous version of code and update to make a website or application live. GitHub plays a very important role in the hiring of developers roles. As a student who’s aspiring to become a developer, Github is a must-known platform. The reason is the recruiter can view, review, and analyze your code and come to know about your coding skills. Knowing GitHub is a mandatory requirement.

Git init: The git init command lets us initialize a blank new Git repository. It's the initial step command to start a new project in a GitHub repository and It creates a .git folder in the working directory

Git Status: Git status is used to check the current status of your repository.

Git Add: The git add command helps to add the changes in the code to the staging area. where we can compare the local version and the version on the remote repository. In Git we need to be careful before committing the modified file; it should be added in the staging area by implementing the git add command.

Git Commit: It is used to save the changes made in our local repository. Whenever a developer commits code changes where the other developer has to know what changes are committed by you and the commit message helps other developers understand the changes that have been made in the code.

Git Push: The git push command pushes the committed file changes from the local repository to the remote repository so that other developers can use them.

Git Pull: It fetches updated changes from the remote server into the local repository, Where developers can work on the latest updates.

Conclusion :

The above-mentioned points are brief about git, its importance and some of the popular git commands that a developer should know in the Upcoming Blogs, we will also add more advanced features of Github to this blog that are prevalent in the Industry.

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