Why should you become a Full Stack Web Developer?

Why should you become a Full Stack Web Developer?

Why should you become a Full Stack Web Developer?

You love coding and do fanciful designing’s on the web. Now, you are seeking a successful career course in web development to upgrade your skill and have an eternal job. If so, then choose Full Stack Web development as a career.

Why so?

In the world of web and software development, there are three basic concentrations,

Front-end: The graphical interface that the user views and interacts with.

Back-end: The functionality and manages user connection with their database.

Full-stack: Working on both the front-end and back-end of an application.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer?

A Full Stack Web Developer is a person who handles both the Front-end & back-end part of the web development projects. He/She has knowledge of building the project from start to finish. They plan, manage, and build the software from each layer of the website.

To further/oversimplify: A front-end web developer handles the user interface aspect of a web project, while a back-end web developer deals with the internal tasks such as web servers, and the functionality of applications and databases. Whereas the Full Stack Web Developer is a combination of both.

The skillsets of Full Stack Web Developer will give you a great advantage while applying for jobs. You get multiple career options wherever you go. If you are the type of person that loves dynamic changes and learning new things constantly then it pretty much makes a Full Stack Web Developer career only for you.

Full Stack Web Developer

Demand for Full Stack Web Developer

There is plenty of front-end and back-end developers in the world when compared to a Full Stack Web Developer. A full-stack web developer requires a broad range of skills so that fewer candidates are applying for the position leaving more opportunities for qualified candidates. Most companies prefer full stack web developers: especially startups because of the vast knowledge they have to handle all the corners of the web projects and to reduce technical costs by less workforce. There are more opportunities for a Full Stack Web Developer for now and in the future. A recent survey of glassdoor reports that a Full Stack Web Developer in India can makeover ₹5,62,562 lakhs per annum. Even an entry-level Full Stack Web Developer in India can make up to ₹3,75,000 per annum. So, Why not try this…!

Skills required to become a Full Stack Web Developer?

To be a Full Stack Web Developer requires more skills.

But it’s not a myth to make it.
He/she requires to know all the front-end and some back-end technologies to make web projects. A genuine interest in learning new technologies and possessing these following skills will sure makes you a Full Stack Web Developer.

  • Have a basic design ability using photoshop, and coral draw like designing applications.

  • Learn Front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Extra knowledge of third party libraries like jQuery, Angular and React JS, etc. will be really helpful.

  • Be known with any of these back-end technologies like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node Js, etc.

  • Be familiar with databases of each type such as MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

  • Have experience in managing and operating VCS( Version Control Systems) such as Git, subversion, etc…

The good news is the future is bright for every type of developer from front-end to back-end and there is no doubt for Full Stack too. To shine up, one thing that you have to do is, commit yourself to learning everything you can with your discipline. Stay focused and be updated on new frameworks, languages, and platforms. Connect effectively with your fellow developers and end-users to grow sooner.

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